Tears Of The Kingdom Needs Proper Dungeons

Zelda dungeons are sunken palaces, great beasts’ internal organs, and mighty coliseums. But more than the aesthetics of classic dungeons, they follow a certain set of design rules, too. You need to collect the compass and the map to help you explore. You need to find small keys to progress. You need to beat a series of minibosses ahead of the final challenge. It’s a tried and tested formula that rarely feels old, and it’s the only ‘classic Zelda’ trope that feels conspicuously absent in Breath of the Wild.

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lucian22969d ago

considering the entire game seems to be a rehash.....we sadly won't see actual dungeons. BOTW had a fun core, but it was empty and shallow. Only 13 enemy types including bosses, and then the trailer shows the same old enemies we fought in botw.....when zelda as a series has many monsters and enemies it could use.

I also wonder if we have to pay 20$ for hard mode again too