Kingdom Hearts' Direction Was Changed After 20th Anniversary Event, Says Nomura

According to those who attended the Kingdom Hearts Second Breath concert in Tokyo last night, series creator Tetsuya Nomura appeared on stage and mentioned that something happened after the 20th-anniversary event that "determined the direction" of the series.

Last night in Tokyo, the final showings for the Kingdom Hearts Second Breath took place, giving fans of the series who were lucky enough to get tickets one last chance to hear orchestrated music from games live, including a listen to a song from Kingdom Hearts 4, Reality in the Dark. It also featured a conversation between Tetsuya Nomura and Yoko Shimomura that has worried a few fans.

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GoodGuy0976d ago

I thought that was already clear with all the handheld/mobile games and 3 lol. Kingdom Hearts is no longer the great franchise it used to be...

lucian22975d ago

Yeah the only good hand held one was birth by sleep. Kh is a pretty trash series now. 1,2 & bbs will be the only good Kh games ever.

OtterX75d ago

Series died for me after game fell away from the Final Fantasy crossover

curtain_swoosh75d ago

it needs to be darker.
it needs to have better dialogue
the story should NOT be told by mobile games.

Outlawzz74d ago

The story just fell off tbh. Once you get to 3 it's just ends up being pretty underwhelming and meh. There was so much mystery leading up to it and when they finally brought all the pieces together and reveal it all, it was pretty stupid tbh lol

I didn't finish 3 but I probly will before the next one comes in, the game play and Disney worlds were entertaining enough at least for me. Im in it for the long run lol who knows maybe they got some mind blowing stuff coming along

Hofstaderman74d ago

The Board mandated that there should be less belt buckles. Nomura lost his shit.