Final Fantasy 16 Will Feature Online Leaderboards

Final Fantasy 16 will take 35 hours to complete the story, and 70 hours if you're looking to 100% the game. Online leaderboards are confirmed too.

CrimsonWing6968d ago

That’s not really what I play an FF game for, but cool for those interested.

Deathdeliverer68d ago

Probably for the, basically required at this point, flying saucer areas.

Obscure_Observer68d ago

35 hours to complete the story? If you take away 11 hours of cinematics, there are only 24 hours of gameplay left.

Rebel_Scum67d ago

Nice. Prefer a more compact experience than a 60hr long bore fest.

As for the online leaderboard, why?

Hofstaderman67d ago

I try to do all side quests in a RPG so I’m m stoked for this.