Atomic Heart - Is this section the weirdest part of the game?

CG writes: Mundfish’s Atomic Heart offers some highly unusual imagery throughout the experience. It is true, a lot of gamers have become enamoured by the Atomic Heart robot twins, there is a scene right before the second encounter with them that is totally out-of-this-world. We think this moment is Atomic Heart’s weirdest and wonderful in equal measure, especially as it leads into the meeting proper with the robot twins. You won’t find too many videos of this section online due to said focus on the twins themselves. However, we are sure you will agree its art-direction and concept is incredible. The moment at the end of the gameplay in this surreal world where you meet the voice that is calling you and a glimpse or reflection of the character you play, hits hard on the weirdness scale. Take a look and see for yourselves as this whole 15 minute section is awesome viewing.

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SullysCigar73d ago

Enjoyed the unique world and character design in this game. It was weird, in a good way. Glad to hear they're planning a sequel.