Ralsei from Toby Fox's Deltarune Getting Adorable Nendoroid Figure

If you love Deltarune by Toby Fox and you're eagerly waiting for the new chapters, Good Smile Company revealed a new Nendoroid portraying Ralsei.

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Toby Fox Shares Another Deltarune Development Update: "Team Is Now Mainly Focusing On Chapter 4"

And Chapter 3 is nearly "totally complete"

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XiNatsuDragnel5d ago

Deltarune is going to be fun once completed.

jznrpg5d ago

My daughter plays deltarune. Maybe I’ll play it with her when these new chapters come out


Toby Fox Shares Deltarune Development Update: "No More Waiting For Chapter 5"

"Chapter 3 is nearing completion"

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Fan Creates An Animation For Deltarune and It's Breathtaking

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