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WTMG's Todd Eggleston: "Switchback VR begins as everything I wanted from a follow-up to Rush of Blood. By the end of the first track, I was sold and ready to sign off on it for anyone interested. Then it slowly took one step back for every two steps forward. Atmosphere is creepy and tense, but it isn’t all that scary. Environment is so fantastic and awe inspiring, but that screen door effect. Graphics and character modeling are outstanding, but those fire effects. Switchback VR is a fantastic game, and you should grab it in case you own a PSVR2, but there is always small “but” hindering it from becoming perfect."

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SullysCigar8d ago

Lot's of reviewers calling out the graphical issues. Thankfully the devs are aware and looking to patch, pending more player feedback:

It's a shame it's affecting review scores, but reviewers can only review what's in front of them.