Diablo 4 Beta: Opening Scenes And Gameplay

Here is a look at the Beta for the game which shows the opening scenes and early gameplay. It has been very fun and engaging for a work in progress.

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Retroman8d ago

Today "Supposed " to be the day you can download the Beta on PSN but its Not available wonder why??
I'm not saying you guys can't download it.......I'm saying when I tried it was not available yet.

CrimsonWing698d ago

What are you talking about? I downloaded it yesterday on PS5 and played it and I’m playing it now. Did you pre-order it?

Andrew3368d ago

I assume he's saying the "wonder why" because of Xbox trying to own blizzard

Garethvk8d ago

How is it on the PS5? I remember when they first brought the franchise to consoles it did not play as well as PC but hardware has really advanced for consoles.

Retroman8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Have not pre-order it
Tried to download it on my ps4....thought it was Free!! the Beta

CrimsonWing698d ago


Yea this isn’t the open beta, bub.

You either had to do some KFC order or pre order the game for access.

You’ll get a chance next week.

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