Diablo 4 Stats Explained: Understanding the Core Gameplay Mechanics

As players prepare to dive into the bloody depths of Sanctuary once again, one key aspect of the gameplay that they will need to master is the stats system.

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jznrpg12d ago

Nothing new if you ever played a Diablo game you go for a particular build .

Si-Fly12d ago

There’s quite a lot that’s new lol

Tzuno12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The article looks like it's written by a 4 years old
D4 introduced some stats on items that really need a explanation
There's Overpower, Vulnerable, Lucky hit chance...

Anomander11d ago

Agreed, beta weekend wasn't long enough to scratch the surface of it all. Especially when you start factoring in the codex of power then the paragon progression at level 50. There should be some unique character builds in D4 I think.