Yes, Roblox Is Safe for Kids & Here’s Why You Should Play It With Them Right Now

Twinfinite: Really, it’s just awesome playing video games with my wee whippersnapper. And if you’re a parent, I implore you to do it, too. What have you got to lose?

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jambola9d ago

It's safe for kids supervised
no game with an online social component is safe for kids unsupervised, hope that's clear

sadraiden8d ago

There's a scary amount of parents that need to read your comment.

I know too many people that literally give their toddlers a tablet with internet access and no parental controls and leave the room, simply because they don't care/know any better.

kingnick8d ago

My niece was on Roblox and a pedo tried getting her living address from her.

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TheEnigma3139d ago

It isn't totally safe, but compared to other games, yes. I play it sometimes with my son.

Poopmeister8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

David Jaffe said Sony needs to learn something from Roblox

sadraiden8d ago

David Jaffe is a boomer who doesn't understand games.

jznrpg8d ago

I don’t let my young children play online at all. My 14 year old does occasionally with friends online but she is in the living room with us when she does

jznrpg8d ago

I meant to say school friends , only ones I allow my 14 year old to play with online

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The story is too old to be commented.