The Last of Us Part III Needs to Give Ellie the Redemption She Deserves

Ellie's story still needs a proper ending that wraps up the series's themes about cycles of violence.

masterfox454d ago

Instead of Guns lots Guns from Neo in the matrix , Ellie in the TLOU 3 will be like, we need Protein lots of Protein.

Panhandler453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

How about a real world situation with real expectations and conclusions. In times hard times such as those will not see women playing roles as strong independent leaders. Its preposterous and charlatan, like a Feminist wrote their dream into existence.

lucian229453d ago

@Pan Handler....I guess Joan of Arc, Queen Boadicea, Queen Artemisia, Khutulun, Fu Hao and all the other notable women in history just don't exist then huh?

Crows90453d ago


There are exceptions. And great job picking out the less than 1%

lucian229453d ago


My point isn't the amount of strong women, it's that they exist. Leaders in general are far and few, the fact that these women exist, amongst many many other strong female leaders is evident of that. How about just stop being sexist? While Tlou may have had a high ratio of strong females, that's only because we see the perspective of combatants , not normal citizens. Stop acting like the world today doesn't have female soldiers, police, security guards, world champion martial artists, bodybuilders etc. You may be disappointed to see that there is indeed FAR more than 1%

seanpitt23453d ago

Tlou 3 doesn't need to be made the story and direction was massacred in the sequel let's just leave it there.

DarXyde452d ago


The depiction of Abby wasn't unrealistic, just improbable. She and her people lived in a pretty isolated environment that was well-resourced. You're acting like she lived in a town barely getting by. And as one of their best soldiers, you don't think that would create the conditions for her to procure or be given priority for resources?

In a world that is destroyed and people live in fear daily and need protectors, I don't see how any of that is unrealistic.

Even if it was, I love that the critics of Part II can compartmentalize their suspension of disbelief where a mushroom outbreak has taken out society before nuclear weapons ever did is realistic, but buff Abby isn't.

C'mon now...

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Escamotage453d ago


Funny how nobody said a peep when Ellie took out all of David's men and David at 14 years old in Part 1. But when Ellie does the same thing at 19 years old in Part II – everyone's up at arms and whining how this is Feminist propaganda.

abstractel453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Also, I'm pretty sure one of the _main_ themes of the part 2 was revenge begets revenge. They sold that message very clear, and what a poison that mindset can be. Understandable, yes, but it's poison. Both main characters were guilty of it, but one character found a reason to stop the cycle. So Part 3 would just be more revenge? I feel the concluded that saga really well. They could go other directions, but they would have to find a really good one to justify it.

Panhandler452d ago

You know most people can eat a Feminist Sandwich in which there's transparency with both equal strong female and male characters. But this is where TLOU failed and become a #metoo movement. If you remember correctly during TLOU1 the hardcore push from commie leftist was in full female hulk smash mode. The hatred for men has only gotten worse. But history comes back around and as a man that's deployed several times and saw what can quickly happen in America when things go to hell (IE hurricane Katrina in 2005). Humanity can lose its morality real quick and when that happens the rule of law is null and void and the rule of men takes over you'll see real quick how Ole Ellie would fair. It's not practical and border line fairy tale.

Escamotage453d ago (Edited 453d ago )


You know what's also less than 1%?

Happening upon the one person who's immune to a global zombie infestation.

Christopher454d ago

Pretty sure that cycle was wrapped up with #2. Do you want to play a game of her being completely pacifist?

-Foxtrot454d ago

Yeah I don’t get those wanting Part IIi when the cycle is done

They ruined her character in my opinion so what’s the point bringing her or any of them back

New location, new characters, new themes please. The Last of Us: “Subtitle Here”

ArchangelMike454d ago

"The Last of Us: "The Return of Joel."

-Foxtrot454d ago

The Last of Us 2: Electric Retconadoo

MWH453d ago

Not just her character, they ruined it all by trying to subvert expectations the wrong way and then take the story to dark ugly places "just because".

anast453d ago

How was her character ruined?

senorfartcushion453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Stories are only finished when the money stops rolling in. And companies are playing by this particular rule more than ever - to the point where we have more remakes and badly-made story continuations than ever being made.

We will probably get a third Last of Us that’s somehow worse than the second due to how little Neil Druckmann seems to understand his own work - something which only seems to be a flaw of his.

bloop453d ago

I have a pitch for a cool Batman game. Imagine if Batman forgets everything he knows and gets unceremoniously killed in the first hour by a group of the most unlikeable characters ever written. Then you play as Robin trying to get revenge, only for the game to do the old switcheroo halfway through making you play as the least likeable character involved in Batman's ridiculous death, and tries forcing you to actually like them 😃 Then when Robin finally catches up with the main unlikeable character to reap revenge he just says "let's just forget about the whole thing, on your way now." 😃😃😃

LonDonE453d ago

Yes this please, i want to play as Joel and tommy just after the infection started and Sarah died. I want see how joel loses it and does insane stuff like the raiders which is referenced in last of us first game.

We could also play as Tommy when part of the fire flies. I love both games but hate the story of part 2. Being able to play as both the above would be epic.

Sonic1881453d ago

The Last of Us return of the Clicker Joe

Imalwaysright453d ago (Edited 453d ago )


That would be a good pitch but what do you think about making the players view the character they don't like due to savage murder of Batman as some sort of tragic hero at the expense of Robin by presenting scenarios that offer a dichotomy? How about making the unlikable character spare a pregnant lady and then having Robin killing a pregnant lady? Maybe you could have the character we don't like playing with a dog and then having Robin killing that very same dog... I think that lazy and not so subtle manipulation like this would go a long way in order to make the unlikable character as some sort of a tragic hero.

-Foxtrot453d ago (Edited 453d ago )


Ellie in the First Game: Light hearted, tries to crack jokes, grows to see Joel as a father figure, says how she wants to learn guitar and swim after they get to the hospital. In the end she knows Joel is lying but she trusts him enough and gets on with it (Ashley Johnson even said this back then)

Ellie in the Second Game: Does a 180 and says she always wanted to die on that operating table, that somehow her life would have "f****** mattered", totally hates Joel for taking that "choice" away from her despite the fact the Fireflies weren't going to give her a choice. Then you have her suddenly making out she never knew Joel was lying to her when at the end of the first game you clearly can see she does know deep down. The game puts Abby ins a positive light during her gameplay while Ellie looks like an asshole, for example Abby plays with this lovable dog, Ellie is forced to kill it. There's part of the game which make her look stupid, like conveniently dropping a map next to Owen's/Mel's corpse of where her and Dina are with a giant red circle saying "We are Here" to push the story forward. She then goes after Abby again knowing full well she will loose Dina and the baby, tracks Abby down, beats her almost to death, looses her two fingers and then just suddenly decides to let her go out of nowhere. She goes home a broken woman, no Dina, no child, no Joel, no warm home, no fingers and because of that she can't play guitar the one big connection to Joel. All for what? To push Abby / Lev as the new Joel and Ellie

She's like a new character

Oh and after these scenes in the first game


No way she gave off the impression she wanted to die, look at the scene about sacrificing the few to save the many

"Its kind of shitty"

Binarycode453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Bring Joel back.

Ellie still haunted by the events of her past discovers that Joel had a twin and it was that twin who was killed. Joel discovers that he hates guitars and searches the land destroying all of them so Ellie can't keep playing doom and gloom songs on them.

Lastly at the above.

Yes there are female soldiers, police, bodybuilders(roids) but in a one on one with a Man they stand no chance. You can make certain circumstances where a woman could win. With a bazooka.


For you amusement.

generic-user-name452d ago

@bloop @alwaysright @foxtrot

It's just the same recycled falsehoods over and over again for 3 years.

"Imagine if Batman forgets everything he knows and gets unceremoniously killed in the first hour by a group of the most unlikeable characters ever written."

Imagine if Joel fell asleep in front of Henry and Sam mere hours after meeting them. Imagine if Batman murdered the father of the person who killed him. Imagine if Tommy gave away their names instead of Joel. Imagine if Joel met Abby during an infected attack so they didn't have time to vet her properly. Imagine if Joel is less hardened after living 5 years of peace.

"How about making the unlikable character spare a pregnant lady and then having Robin killing a pregnant lady?"

How about Abby said "good" when she heard Dina was pregnant and only stopped because of Lev, how about Ellie not being aware Mel was even pregnant until after she killed her, at which point she felt sick, triggered PTSD and was willing to give up her pursuit of revenge until Abby attacked again and killed Jesse.

"Maybe you could have the character we don't like playing with a dog and then having Robin killing that very same dog"

Maybe have the dog attack Ellie and leave her with no choice but to kill the dog. If you feel guilt about choosing your life over a dog, that's on you.

"In the end she knows Joel is lying but she trusts him enough and gets on with it (Ashley Johnson even said this back then)"

Ashley Johnson's opinion is not fact. From 2013 to 2020 there was debate over whether Ellie believed Joel or not. That didn't end until Part II gave us an answer.

You can dislike the direction the story went, Joel's death, Ellie not finishing her revenge etc that's fine. I just wish people wouldn't use this dishonest points to frame a false narrative.

"and says she always wanted to die on that operating table, that somehow her life would have "f****** mattered"

"After everything we've been through, everything I've been through...it can't be for nothing"- TLOU1

Lines up completely with her reaction in Part II.

-Foxtrot452d ago


"After everything we've been through, everything I've been through...it can't be for nothing"- TLOU1 ”

Literally and I mean LITERALLY right after that scene, going down the stairs….

“Look, I know you mean well but there’s no half way with this. Once we’re done we’ll go where ever you want to go okay?”

“Well I ain’t leaving without you so let’s go wrap this up”

Yeah…she definitely knew she was going to die or planned to die huh? Even Joel basically tells her right there he’s not leaving her…

Goes completely against her reaction in Part II along with the other stuff I said above. But sure…ignore that huh

Imalwaysright452d ago (Edited 452d ago )


Those 2 scenarios are not innocent. You think that ND created them for the sake of them just being there? They were specifically created to make us feel in certain ways towards Ellie and Abby and all the caveats in the world don't change the clear dichotomies presented in them. Abby plays with the dog and spares a pregnant lady and Ellie kills a pregnant and kills the dog. That's emotional manipulation 101 and it wouldn't be obvious due to the caveats you mentioned hadn't Druckmann retconned the ending of the original. From the moment I realized that they retconned the ending, Druckmann's goals were clear to me and his goal was portray Ellie and Joel as some sort of monsters while attempting to portray Abby as some sort of tragic hero and they most definitely used those two lazy and manipulative scenarios in order to try to achieve his pathetic goals.

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S2Killinit453d ago

Smh. They just keep coming up with these “must” this and that, trying to control the narrative, then they get upset when the real author(s) tell their story.

Please people, just remember you are not entitled to how the story goes in the end.