Steam Game Contraband Police Hopes It Can Be the Next Papers, Please

Stop (or profit off) your border's contraband!

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Dystopian Games Inspired by Orwell's 1984

BLG writes: "Dystopian games are more relevant than ever in a day and age when the world seems to be getting progressively bleaker with each passing year. But dystopian fiction, in general, isn’t trying to make us depressed by showing us how much worse things could get. Rather, the point is (usually) to serve as a cautionary tale, and there’s perhaps no tale more cautionary than George Orwell’s 1984."

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NecrumOddBoy484d ago

A game that should absolutely be on this list is Disco Elysium. That game is wildly deep in the field of its take on social issues, politics, religion, morality, and the internal struggles of the human psyche.

robtion483d ago

Still haven't finished it but Disco Elysium is really great. I love the dark sense of humour.

robtion483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

I love dystopian settings in general. We happy few is an excellent game. It is basically a mash up of 1984 and the other dystopian classic Brave New World. The drug 'Joy' is essentially 'Soma' from Aldous Huxley's novel.

483d ago
porkChop483d ago

Orwell was surprisingly engrossing. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I expected. I bought the sequel on Steam but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.

awiseman483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Don't need a game to experience Orwell. Real life follows it pretty well.


How Papers Please Steals Your Time

It is not only through paperwork and armed guards that Askrokia maintains its power, but from the way it controls the player’s limited and valuable time.

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Sometimes Games Aren’t Supposed to be Fun

We’ve long been taught that games are meant to be fun above all else but some games succeed by leaving the fun factor at the door.

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2pacalypsenow1360d ago

Games are entertainment, if they don’t entertain, then they’re useless.

strayanalog1360d ago

Yes, unless you're Sega, in which case you find good uses for it, like using that game as a way to handle stubborn stains, bald spots, and slicing and dicing your favorite foods.

1360d ago
Shiken1360d ago

Games are always meant to be fun. Some people just have fun doing things that others might not. It is almost like FUN IS A SUBJECTIVE CONCEPT.

Tross1360d ago

Well, “fun” is just one of many adjectives that fall under the larger umbrella of “engaging”. I’ve played games I wouldn’t define as fun but I was engaged by them anyways.

I think what we’re seeing is the evolution of gaming beyond the constraint of having to fit a narrow definition of what kinds of experiences to expect. I wouldn’t define every movie, tv show, book or comic as fun either, but there are plenty of those that are engaging.

Dragonopolis1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I like going to the gym working out... it's fun.... but it is hard work but fun..... However I would not list it as entertainment and working out is not a game. Some games seem to have done just that made games a workout like going to the gym.... Its fun but its not entertainment and it is not a game. Workaholics love to work.... they think its fun... how ever I wouldn't categorize it as a game.

I believe it is a mistake....... video games should not be taking too seriously and should always be viewed as entertainment and as a game not a workout or boxing ring..... Too many people on the net stress over losing a match or losing a life in a single player game.... raging/venting on people in matches and most anger has nothing to do with gaming or the group when it comes out but seems to be a trigger because people lose sight of the the purpose of what it is they are doing ....

Playing a Game for Entertainment......

If you've come across gamers like this can't separate their personal life from their social and drag their issues into the game and the rest of the gaming community gets caught up in drama just isn't healthy socially.

I kick my boys of the net when I hear them getting angry playing games online.. I didn't care if my son was on some kind of ranked teamed and there was a tournament .... He learned real quick to temper his anger and realize he was better for it even if he was mad at his father for kicking him a few times in what he considered important "matches".... After talking and pointing out the fun factor had disappeared and also the whole point of why the console was bought in the first place. As my boys are in college I am happy to see them choosing to explore other forms of entertainment and not rely just on video games. .... they're still gaming away though...

For some reason video game world it became ok to continue to play even when your not having fun ..... if its not becoming fun or frustrating .....

Walk away...... just walk away.... its just a game... it will be there tomorrow or the next day