Exoprimal's Good, But Will It Find An Audience? | Cultured Vultures

Cultured Vultures: While Ash enjoyed playing the ridiculous Exoprimal, will this novel multiplayer game find success where others have failed?

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CrimsonWing6971d ago

I honestly got bored with it after 3 rounds. I can’t imagine doing this over and over again for hours and the price is a turn-off for me to even want to see if there’s more to it.

I wish them the best though. It’s never fun to see a game a fail.

EvertonFC71d ago

It was the training challenge ffs

fan_of_gaming71d ago

I was interested at first when it was shown at the State Of Play, but once I found out it's multiplayer-only then its no longer for me.

Lightning7771d ago

I'm so tired of being negative about these games but we have to keep forward.

The game feels free 2 play. Something I think they'll do down the line after release. I think they approached MS for gamepass release to fill player counts. Player counts that might diminish a few months or so after release. It was fun PVPPVE style game but imo if they made this a open world that's online that probably be a better move. Or maybe open world isn't the way. I don't know I'm not a game dev these devs need to innovate in their own way I sound ungrateful but it's true. What Inflated was just ok not bad at all just fine or ok. The game is like overwatch with dinosaurs.

I played allot of Overwatch as well. Who know we gotta wait and see.