Bayonetta 4 Doesn't Have to Stick With The Series' Thematic Rut

Following on the heels of Bayonetta 3 and the spin-off Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, Bayonetta 4 has a lot more room to grow beyond the series' established motifs. While Bayonetta Origins adds to the backstory of Cereza, Bayonetta 3 really wrapped up her arc by passing the torch to a new protagonist, Viola. It set the series up to explore new ideas, and with this foundation laid, it's time for Bayonetta 4 to move beyond the usual angels versus demons conflict and explore other mythologies from around the world.

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HeliosHex71d ago

Hell no. Viola is an annoying character I have zero interest in. Want to make a side story about this character go ahead and watch the game flop. I'll stick with Bayonetta.

PhoenixUp71d ago

If Viola will be the face of the future of this series I have no faith in the franchise. She doesn’t even earn the right to be the new face of the series like Nero did.

Bayonetta 3 ruined the series’ lore in so many ways. It tried to replicate some narrative elements that Devil May Cry V had buy fell short in so many ways I can’t imagine how it’ll be handled in future installments.

I enjoyed the gameplay(not so much the Viola parts. I tolerated those parts yet I’m being told she’ll be the primary focus going forward) but in retrospect there’s so many questionable things this game has done that I’d hate to see doubled down on

Immagaiden71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Viola is a disgrace to the stylish action genre

Others similar characters in long running action titles like Nero, Raiden, Atreus, Ayane, & Shinobu were built up over the course of multiple titles. Some have taken the lead role while the others continue to coexist with the main character before can even be considered leads themselves.

Even though Raiden was shoved onto us in MGS2, his character was still better handled in his debut game, Big Boss took the lead in MGS3, Raiden was further developed in MGS4 so when MGR:R came around Raiden being the lead felt more natural

Viola on the other hand didn’t leave a good impression in her only title and yet we’re being told she’ll lead the future of this franchise. Her design is even the antithesis of the very series she’s supposed to represent.

Shalnark71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Viola RUINED Bayonetta 3 aesthetic and you want a game for her own ? like what ? do you really want another DmC situation oh hell nah fam

FallenAngel198471d ago

And at least with DmC, whatever damage it did to the franchise could be undone because it was its own separate continuity that could be undone and forgotten with bringing actual Dante and the rest of the cast back

With a Viola starring Bayo 4 they couldn’t do a similar walk back. The timeline would forever have to deal with her while Donte is a thing of the past

Terry_B71d ago

Gamerant really is weird recently.

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