Square Enix's NFT Game Is The Worst Thing I've Ever Seen

Square Enix deserves all the spoiled tomatoes fans and critics have thrown at them in recent years. Fantastic games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and PowerWash Simulator keep them in the good graces of most casual consumers, but it continues to release excellent gems and refuses to market them, only to complain when none of us get invested. It’s also one of the industry’s biggest supporters of cryptocurrency, and seems determined to exterminate all good will by taking us along for the ride.

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Bobertt9d ago

Square Enix didn't even have the balls to enable comments or dislikes on the video.

Gamereal9d ago

Imagine having such a privileged life that you can say with such anger and vitriol that a video game is the worst thing you have ever seen.

Seems kinda petty to me.

CrimsonWing699d ago

I kind of agree with you.

Let’s be real, I don’t feel this is where games should go. I do think it’s terrible for the industry and this all stems from the mobile game market, which pulls in the most revenue for the games market.

The thing is those come from casuals and kids mostly. The model doesn’t translate to console/PC gaming. That’s where we get microtransactions and GaaS from and it’s so rare that they work that now they’re seeking other ways to find whales. Now, we’re here at block-chain gaming and NFTs.

Couldn’t have a Parasite Eve Remake or sequel. Instead this is where their minds go.

Is it the worst thing in the world? Of course not, but it’s not the future direction I want this industry to go towards.

Angyobangyo9d ago

Relax, it’s the internet and the comment is simply hyperbole. No need to take digs at someone’s upbringing.

Sgt_Slaughter9d ago

You can't be that obtuse

Not everything is meant to be taken literally

Noskypeno9d ago

I just think the whole Crypto/nft is very unnecessary. I don't see how any of it benefits anyone except for scammers.

anast9d ago

Imagine being the Saint that shepards righteousness into the world. I think both are equally inane.

Gamereal9d ago

Ok, I agree that I probably should have worded this comment better, I basically only read until this quote from the article. "I say this from the heart: please go fuck yourself."

SonyStyled8d ago

I tuned out early into the read too. I’m not informed about the topic, but it didn’t seem like a read to greater inform for me based on the cuss word intro

franwex8d ago

Well, it is a video game website. One of the most privilege hobbies.

sadraiden8d ago

Maybe in the 80s, but in the 2020s, you'd be hard pressed to find a more affordable hobby. Even participating in sports or performing music is expensive.

FinalFantasyFanatic8d ago

This, video games are reasonably cheap compared to some hobbies, and moreso than traveling.

sadraiden8d ago

It's called hyperbole. You used it yourself when you reacted to a headline by saying it was filled with "such anger and vitriol".

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Hofstaderman8d ago

As a huge Final Fantasy fan we should all bash these shameless excuse for homosapiens and boycott this title and any NFT cash grab attempt they try to throw at us. Bunch of sharks.

Asplundh8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I'm pretty sure this ship will sink by itself.

RpgSama8d ago

Yep, it will fail miserably and then they will either have to force correct and/or regrettably will be absorbed by a bigger company.

FinalFantasyFanatic8d ago

I can't think of any NFT game that has succeeded, we can just wait this one out.

Godmars2908d ago

Just wait. After they pour millions to fix issues that never should have been there in the first place, it'll be worth getting.

BandarHub8d ago

NFT and the web3 technology is the future of the web and it something that we will be using in the foreseeable future.
What happened are these jornos have been bashing NFT without giving a clear explanation as to why it's a bad tech. They are so negative towards NFT because they could not predict, understand and control NFT.
I urge that you read up what NFT from non bias lenses are and the potential for it to be beneficial for web.
What mistake gamers are making is they are not creating a conversation with developers instead they are listening to these jornos who bashing something they don't understand.
It's important that we rely feedback to them how do we want NFT to be implemented and how to create a non evasive scenario. Open doors don't close them...this is the only way for this.

I for one will be investing and hold some of the games NFT.
I have been investing heavily in crypto, and NFT. Although it's volatile, the banks are unreliable as well.

franwex8d ago

It’s just another asset class, such as stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, etc. I personally have not dismissed it as an investment opportunity-but I’m not going to put everything into it. Also, not sure how it applies to games.

BandarHub8d ago

No, it has a practical use on web 3, it's is more than an asset. Right now owning an NFT from a company building on WEB 3 is incredibly valuable. Its like investing in Microsoft, Nike or Coca-Cola when they were new to the scene. But eventually, that NFT will give you access to many opportunities.

The way it will work is game in the future may revolutionize how we buy games.
For example, the NFT itself could be accessed to the game like a login. The game will be out there it all about purchasing access to it. Now you might be thinking isn't it how it normally works, you buy access to game. But here it is a difference, lets say you buy access to a game and then want to sell it. With web 2 you cannot do that but with web3 you will be able to sell that access back who want it. There are some issues here and there such as how many games will be available and who set the price afterwards.

These one of many examples,

niiopi8d ago

Your being disingenuous. NFT's are extremely bad for the environment, and if we continue down that route we will only continue to do horrible damage to the world we live on for what?

BandarHub8d ago

haahahha....What the Hell?
Mining bitcoin is not a does not harm the environment. Mining run on the GPU similar to how when know play video games. By that logic does playing video games on you PC harm the environment?
Cant believe people actually fell for those silly are going to listen to them

Yung-T7d ago

I don't want to defend NFTs in gaming in general (atm all are cheap cashgrabs and abysmally implemented), but the environmental aspect is misinformation caused by a lack of knowledge about the sector.

There are different blockchains using NFTs and some of them are barely using more energy than a Google search per transaction, so flat-out saying all NFTs are bad for the environment is just incorrect.

niiopi6d ago

Under current circumstances, sure, not that damaging. However, with a bit of critical thought its quite obvious that if NFTs become lucrative then most businesses/companies will find a way to sell their "crap" and all those block chains will require servers to run 24/7 and to be maintained... which will be damaging to the environment.

anast8d ago

How do NFTs improve the gaming experience?

Torunkz8d ago

We keep asking the Dev's this question and they can't properly answer it. It doesn't IMPROVE the experience, it's just another method for them to gain money, and gamers play their NFT stock market where majority of players lose money.

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