Microsoft reveals how much Tencent, Apple, and Google make from mobile games

Microsoft reveals mobile earnings for Tencent, Apple, and Google and exposes one of the biggest reasons why it wants to buy Activision Blizzard King.

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Jin_Sakai84d ago

Tencent making more than Apple and Google combine. Crazy.

blackblades84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

And you wonder why Sony and MS wanna get a foot into mobile and I'm down with that. As long as it'll help the AAA studios budget.

Eonjay84d ago

Right. It only makes sense that both word want to make money off of mobile. That shouldn't be in question at all.

VenomUK84d ago

Incredible numbers.

There's an assumption in some areas that cloud gaming is the future, but as mobile devices continue to become more graphically capable of running games it negates the need to stream games.

And all this squabbling between the gaming community on which console has the best games; Nintendo or PlayStation or Microsoft, and all it takes is the advanced iPhones or Androids to become standard in worldwide markets and publishers like Capcom will be able to sell its latest triple-A Resident Evil game to anyone who has a phone.

neutralgamer199284d ago

Tencent is bigger then people think and they have their hands in so many cookie jars. And they are the trillion dollar company that can buy pretty much any publishers

They own % of epic Fortnite and PUBG so when both companies sued each other they stepped in and reminded either way money is coming to same jar

CrimsonWing6984d ago (Edited 84d ago )

This is why the industry wants to make mobile games model transition to console games.

It sucks because they keep trying shit like GaaS and microstransaction sh*t trying to make everything the exact same model, just like mobile games.

Hopefully, they'll all keep failing and these a-hole publishers will realize the console/PC arena is different than the mobile and knock this sh*t off.

Though, we've got some rough times ahead with Square Enix's new president saying he wants to double down on block chain games and NFTs... again, trying their damndest to transform the console/PC games into mobile like money makers.

1Victor83d ago

I guess taking games away from the competition is just icing on the cake 🤦🏿
@ venom I don’t see a phone catching up to a console any time soon maybe in 30+ years with the current trend of yearly minor improvements

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darksky84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

A large portion of that is from League of Legends which generates over $1.7B revenue per year.

SullysCigar84d ago

Microsoft out there on an enemy collectathon right now, dragging anyone they can into the fray. Classy.

343_Guilty_Spark84d ago

The info is available during earnings call. Not exactly secret information.

CrimsonWing6984d ago

Shhhh! you ruin the whole fanboy argument when you make sense.

Bathyj84d ago

If it is public knowledge why do they have to bring it up? Microsoft need to seriously stop dumping their purse on the floor every day.

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S2Killinit84d ago

MS’s ultimate vision of gaming.

Godmars29084d ago

MS moving into an established market claiming they'll...

No wait. They're not claiming easy domination as soon as they move in (this time) they're just saying they want a piece of the market. Are still using they're overall position in the tech industry to imply such while showing no understanding of the market they're shouldering into.

ActualEngineer83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I bet their attack plan would be a f2p GAAS port-remake of the next COD game to mobile and switch - including campaign and MP. Also Crash Bandicoot and Spyro mobile games, along a new candy crash. Also I bet they are preparing a new mobile OS, with chatgpt 4 integrations and the ability to natively play Xbox - PC games through a low level x86 to arm recompiler (like the snapdragon 845 can do now, by booting into windows 11). You people over here tend to forget that Microsoft is the second biggest company in existence and hires some of the most talented people to ever exist...

outsider162483d ago

"You people over here tend to forget that Microsoft is the second biggest company in existence and hires some of the most talented people to ever exist..."

And yet they can't figure out how to make first party games to rival Sony's. 70 billon dollars...think about it. Not 700 million, not 7Billion but 70 freaking Billion dollars..just buy up straight.
They could have had like what 70 AAAA exclusives with that kind of money and their most talented people to exist.

Extermin8or3_83d ago

@outsider more like 700 AAA exclusives unless the budgets of each of the 70 had a budget of a billion dollars lol

darkrider84d ago

Go Microsoft to mobile at full force. Go with everything to mobile gaming! Just go

S2Killinit84d ago

Unfortunately they are taking a large part of the previously multiplatform gaming with them wherever the hell it is that they are going

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