Formula One Championship Edition Review

CVG has just posted their review of Formula One Championship for PS3.

"Find F1 just too boring to watch? Don't worry - if this simulation is anything like authentic, then the people taking part aren't having any fun either. Perhaps that's why they all drive so fast - they're just desperate to get it over with. Whatever, this really very attractive game is hand-wringingly dull.

Here's why: the handling is terrible. In fact, it's so flawed there's simply never a time when it's fun, or even satisfying, to drive these cars. Despite being helpless fans of the real sport, even in its current state - we're being generous calling it a 'sport', for instance - playing Formula One Championship Edition quickly becomes a chore. And that's a shame."

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Shadow Flare4892d ago

this sucks. This is one of the games i was looking forward to. Still at least it still looks great and i cant wait to race through the rain. I've disagreed with critics before, but it still sucks this game scored so low

OutLaw4892d ago

I know, right!? I thought this game would have gotten an 8 rating but 4.8 out of ten is something I didn't expect. But that's just one review maybe other game editors will see it different.

Hey at least MotorStorm is going to be a good game.

Marty83704892d ago

The Reviewer is clearly not a fan of 'F1'.

MaximusPrime4892d ago

I played F1 on PS1 and PS2 and it was pretty good. I’m looking forward to PS3 version. The wet scene looks awesome.

As PS3 fan rightly put it, download the demo and see for it yourself.

All these critics are not needed anymore. You yourself are a critic. Judge a game yourself.

DJ4892d ago

why the reviewer didn't just go into the menu and turn traction control off, considering the entire article was one big rant on that feature. I've never heard of steering issues from anyone else...huh. ? This review is more confusing than anything. I wonder what the big sources like IGN or 1up have to say about this.

gogators4892d ago

I think I'll wait for some other reviews, still this is the game I am looking forward to. I have always had fun with formula one racing games, ever since the days of the Sega CD. This game has to be good. There is no way they wouldn't have a nice tight racer with their extra time. This review smells.

D3acon4892d ago

I have the demo and I played the game a few times and thought it was crap until I realized there was automatic braking when going around turns and traction. There are a lot of automatic features, when I turned them off I felt more in control and a increase in difficulty. I'm not a racing fan at all, I don't particularly like racing games, however, this review is garbage.

I usually wait for more well known reviewers, xplay, gamespot, ign, egm, to name a few. DJ is also correct when he said he only focused on one aspect out of the whole review, not a good review at all.

TheMART4892d ago

That must hurt. Even without rumble

power of Green 4892d ago

Man this is truly sad(i'm being truthful) i wanted this game to compete with GTR.

Jay da 2KBalla4892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm not) but werent sony fanboys going crqazy over this game saying it was a AAA game and that it would be getting 8's and 9's along with motorstorm?

Hmm. Interesting

Deepbrown, sorry but nice graphics dont make up for low quality gameplay. Never have. Never will. I feel bad for sony fanboys seeing how low quality games like this are considered AAA on their system.

techie4892d ago

Indeed - because it certainly did LOOK like an AAA title. It's beautiful no doubt and some of the effects and realism is very impressive (such as the rain and lighting) but shame the gameplay isn't on target - lets wait for IGN's review. I'm sure this game had games testers, I don't see how it couldv failed so badly.

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