10 Things About Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League That Make No Sense

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has had a lot of buzz, but there are some elements of the title that don't make much sense right now.

isarai82d ago

My main thing is why do they all have guns? Wtf is the point of playing as superheroes and mutants if im just using guns? Makes the whole hook completely moot.

gangsta_red81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

10 million percent agreed! When I saw Captain Boomerang flying around and using guns I thought "wow, completely missed the point on this one".

I stand by my assumption that this might have been another game and then WB made them slap on DC characters for better recognition.

-Foxtrot81d ago

My nitpick is how they've handled Deadshot

"Oh that guy in Origins and City wasn't the real Floyd Lawton, he was just a copy cat who was ALSO called Floyd Lawton and was mercenary-assassin who never missed a shot"

And for what? Just so they could align it with Will Smiths version? The first Suicide Squad came out in 2016, most likely when Rocksteady were gearing up for their next game brainstorming. They most likely thought that version of Deadshot was going to be used in the DC Universe but then as we all know the Synderverse fell apart.

With all the guns and the like why didn't they just put Bloodsport in the game instead.

Psychonaut8581d ago

Agreed. Everything about this game screams 2016. The weird thing is that after the disasters that were Anthem and Avengers, that wasn’t enough for them to pivot, but at the 11th hour they get horrible response to their gameplay and NOW they’re gunna try to pivot when it’s too late? Stupid and out of touch, game will be DOA.