What are the opportunities for devs making PlayStation VR2 games?

Bryant Francis: "We take a look at the PlayStation VR2, and examine what opportunities there are for developers on the platform.

Sony's PlayStation VR2 boasts a beefy lineup of over 50 launch titles and groundbreaking new hardware. If you spend just a few minutes with the device, you'll find that the significant advancements since the first PlayStation VR headset have made for a smoother, less motion sickness-inducing experience.

Videos of hardcore Gran Turismo fans playing with their full racing rigs have been breathtaking to watch, and my time with Resident Evil Village convinced me that now might be the time to port more and more non-VR games to VR."

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MIDGETonSTILTS1777d ago (Edited 77d ago )

We need a VR update for:

Alan Wake
Dead Space
Alien Isolation (please oh please)
Doom Eternal (unlikely, but dare to dream)
Red Dead Redemption 2
GTAV (what’s one more update?)
Metro Exodus (would be a perfect fit for the tech)
Witcher 3
MGS3 (🤞)
MGS4 (lol, right?)
MGSV (FucKonami)

And any other game with great atmospheres and environments.

SullysCigar77d ago

Hell yeah. There are loads of games that could be given a new lease of life on PSVR2. It's good to hear people that know about development processes talking like this is likely to be a thing - especially since we've seen with GT7 and RE Village how well it works!



Remakes are great, leverage more existing assets.

SullysCigar77d ago

^ That approach HAS to speed things up considerably. I expect most of the RE Village conversion has been lifted and dropped into RE 4 Remake for PSVR2, because both games are in the same engine. Time saved and money gained. More devs need to get on this.