Here are six minutes of leaked WIP footage from STALKER 2

The STALKER 2 hackers have leaked a number of WIP footage from this upcoming game, and the following video packs numerous visual effects.

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Killer2020UK9d ago

Didn't the dev team (who are working in war torn Ukraine) publicly appeal to outlets and individuals not to share any content the Russian hackers stole in an attempt to blackmail the devs into releasing their game in Russia with Russian localisation included? If so, bit of a dick move DSO. You're firmly on the side of the war criminal Putin 🖕

yarbie10009d ago

Propaganda is a hellova drug

Gwiz9d ago

DSO is not your general news outlet.

343_Guilty_Spark9d ago

Yeah DSO and who ever approved this article.

medman8d ago

He should be lacking lungs by now

Gamer_Dude8d ago

Good question, doubt you'll get an answer though, these folks listen to the main stream media and don't really care about facts.

Father__Merrin6d ago

@Killer2020 you mean the same ICC that USA doesn't recognise neither does Russia and others. aka its a banana court

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alexkarkar8d ago

don't watch it in solidarity with Ukraine. A dick move is you telling what others should see and what they shouldn't.

Killer2020UK7d ago

They didn't tell, they asked people not to share.

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yarbie10009d ago

Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the gta leak. Still very rough and early in development. Can tell they have some cool stuff tho when it’s fully polished.

z2g9d ago

It’s probably old stuff from a while back

Aussiesummer8d ago

This looks sick, makes me want it even more.

Ra30308d ago

I can't support the Ukrainian dev any $$$ they get will filter to the Ukraine Government and its war machine. Also the Ukraine Government ask that gamers not support the Russian Developer for the same $$$ filtering to the Russian war machine reasons so for me it goes both ways.

Zombieburger6388d ago

One is invading, raping and killing. The other is defending its home and people.

Ra30308d ago

This may be very, very true, can't argue that but what its not is my problem in any way. See I'm an American an my job as an American is to support the American Government as it creates instability in every region on the planet and damn no one does that better than the American Government. But anyway I can't support these devs or the blood thirsty ambitions of the Governments that they support as that would be a simple conflict of interest with the blood thirsty ambitions of the American Government and that would be.......wrong!

matt1398d ago

Bad take. By supporting the war machine you mean a nation defending against an aggressor lmao

shinoff21838d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Ukraine didn't invade Russia. Ra3030. It doesn't work both ways. It's fucking 2023 countries shouldn't be invading others these day. It's beyond ridiculous for real. What you said isn't even in the same ballpark to compare. With that said. Can't really blame Ukraine. I also will be supporting atomic heart when I'm ready to buy it

Also can't tell if your American governments support post is all sarcastic or not but America(our country) definitely stands on Ukraine side. Well most of us

alexkarkar7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

America and NATO have been invading sovereign countries for decades and killing civilians in droves with no consequenses whatsoever. When it comes to Ukraine you sound both sanctimonious and hypocritical. You should be ashamed of yourself. Sadly, the only way to teach you a lesson is on the battlefield. That's what Putin is doing now.