FTC Files Complaint Against Microsoft For Refusing To Provide Documents, After 24 Requests To Do So

The FTC isn’t all too pleased with Microsoft as the court case between the two entities continues, with the FTC now going as far as filing a complaint against Microsoft for its consistent refusal to provide requested documents.

Sonyslave379d ago

Ftc got caught by the Eu regulatory body for creating a false narrative about Zenimax purchase saying Ms promise them they won't make games exclusive when they never did.
The Ftc knows it losing this case and fishing for anything it can to try and block this deal lol.

shinoff218379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Ms definitely alluded to it. Someone here already posted docs about ms saying it. Forget who posted it though. Just a day or 2 ago. Sure it wasn't a promise of sorts but there's documentation out there

SonyStyled79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

I didn’t read the comment, but was it a “it’s not our intention to remove access of games to gamers” to “Bethesda titles will be exclusive to Xbox/pc on a case by case basis” to “Bethesda titles will be accessible wherever gamepass is available”, after the purchase?

shinoff218379d ago

Sonystyled, yeah something like that. Then something about not doing something cause it would lead to loss or. It seemed as though with what was written they didn't wanna miss out on ps sales but hey maybe they meant switch

wiz719178d ago

@shinoff Mannnn this narrative is sooooo tiring , man they are releasing two new IPS. Why wouldn’t they be exclusive , Sony only players trying to move up the goalpost. When Bethesda has countless other IPs that’s currently multi platform , those are the games the will remain as they’re. Sony bought Bungie under the guides they can still remain multi platform , but they announced a new IP but I don’t see no notion it’s going to be multi platform. It’s ever crazier that Sony has a game that they don’t even own in an exclusivity lock , FF ring bells. What happened to the FF remake that Xbox players was supposed to get ??? The exclusivity deal ended in 2021 but here we are in 2023 which no FF7 remake , which is absurd.

How is it that Microsoft entirely funds a development of a game , pays the studio developing the game , pays all the R&D cost , everything with NOOOOOO HELP from Sony … Sony whines about because the 2 games won’t appear on THEIR console ?? What a world to be living in .

shinoff218378d ago (Edited 78d ago )


That's your first problem atleast in your reply to me is that I have and always have ended up with all 3 systems. In fact I've stated numerous times I'm pretty excited for starfield so I will be buying a series x come August or maybe sooner if I find a good deal on marketplace or something.

For real though if it's that tiring to you just skip it dog. You don't have to read it. Then right a book about it afterwards

And lastly I'll just add starfield. Play dumb if you won't but there's no doubt that starfield was in development for ps.

Maybe square doesn't see the value in developing ff7r for xbox because it won't sell. Did ms approach about gamepass. If not maybe square ain't with it. Maybe the exclusive ff7r is the whole series (3 parts) I haven't seen the contract myself. With that said don't forget ms has 3rd party exclusives to. You guys seem to forget about it for some reason cause your so obsessed with final fantasy. I'm personally not that excited for ff16. It's said ff15 sold 80 percent on ps , enough said

wiz719177d ago

@Shinoff I own all 3 as well , so the exclusivity thing doesn’t bother me .. I’m just taking it from an unbiased standpoint , MS does have third party exclusives but once the exclusive contract is up I never seen MS BLOCK a game from going to other systems that they own rights to. Those games always ended up going to Sonys machine , I’m not into JRPG games but I know people that are. FF does sales on Xbox , but obviously with PS having a larger install base obviously it will sell more on PS especially in places like JAPAN. Starfield was on development for PS at a time when they didn’t even have a concept on what the game was ??? The game really didn’t even have a core concept until late 2020 .. so how can that be it was in development for PS ?? It’s tiring how ppl keep saying MS is taking games away when they have studios releasing multi plat games lol and still constantly update the ones that’s out. They can easily cut the work and just update the Xbox versions , but they take the time to update the PS versions to. Same with ES 6 there isn’t even any kind of footage of the game and it how many years away , I don’t see Sony doing anything to aid with development but they want the game on their console ?? Like where has that ever happened.

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shinoff218378d ago

The ftc is corrupt(idk maybe) yet its ms that have been sued numerous times over the years for shiesty sh

Christopher79d ago

This comment would fit perfectly on mainstream news media stations. It alludes to a supposed past indiscretion that didn't stop the previous deal at all. It provides no proof of the goals of the FTC in this case, but claims they are losing it and have a goal of blocking it versus doing their job, which is the examine all relevant material to the case to determine if it should happen.

neutralgamer199279d ago

MS and Phil Spencer himself have said many times their goal is for more gamers to play their games yet bought zenimax and made their games exclusives

They are buying Activision and only promising COD that means every other IP will be off PlayStation. Please stop defending these corporations whether it's Sony or Microsoft

Also you may not like FTC but they can still block this deal. Especially under democrats rule in white house and Senate. People bring up the fact FTC doesn't win often yet it doesn't need to win often just once will be enough to block this deal off (and FTC under trump was way different then under Biden)

It's kind of sleepy that Microsoft wants Sony and others to show all their documents yet can't do the same for FTC

I am personally really tried of all this nonsense. Just get this over with and we as gamers need to stick together please

These greedy publishers are already taking advantage of us with micro transactions, gambling and incomplete games

shinoff218379d ago


Well said on most of it. You really do tend to show neutrality.

rippermcrip79d ago

The EU documents are public and Microsoft specifically did say those things. They've been quoted many times.

Asplundh79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

You don't mind showing where in those documents that it shows MS saying that then do you? Because EU said otherwise.

"Microsoft didn't make any "commitments" to EU regulators not to release Xbox-exclusive content following its takeover of ZeniMax Media" - the European Commission

False information is contagious, let's stop spending it.

IRetrouk78d ago

It's in the public realm man, all you have to do is look, making a statement and making a commitment are two different things🤦‍♂️

mkis00779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

MS gave a statement that explicitly alluded to having no reason to stop bethesda from making ps games. This was not a binding agreement. The next time they said something though do you think it's wise to believe what they say?

shinoff218379d ago

That was pretty much my point.

notachance79d ago

MS fanboys talking about false narratives lol.. your beloved company is the expert about that sort of thing.

Kakashi Hatake78d ago

You're running with a talking point from MS fanboy journalists. Haven't seen any lawyers bring this up.

S2Killinit78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

FTC filing a motion to compel MS’s sleazy execs, and sanctions incoming.

Getting my hot cocoa ready

Terry_B78d ago

being a console war soldier must be hard.

JokerBoy12978d ago

You're getting down voted to hell even though you speak the truth. This site has become such a shithole. It's nothing but Sony zealots thinking Jim Ryan is the messiah.

BehindTheRows77d ago

Then ….. go somewhere else.

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darkrider79d ago

Microsoft being Microsoft and thinking that rules don't matter. Not even after 24 requests from the ftc.

Eonjay79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

To make matters worse it's the same info they bitched to the court about Sony providing. I really don't know how they think Sony has to provide it at Microsofts request but they don't have to do the same for the regulators. Make that make sense Microsoft.

artgamer78d ago

It doesn't have to make sense.

Microsoft and their ilk are the MAGAs/Qanon of gaming.

FPS_D3TH78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

@artgamer Nice comparison, redditor

XiNatsuDragnel79d ago

Well Microsoft has been caught w their pants down rn imo.

isarai79d ago

So they want everyone else's documents, but don't want to give up their own. Why doesn't that surprise me 😒

Christopher79d ago

It's standard legal BS. Try to get everything, try to hide all your stuff, throw the kitchen sink at everything. Even Sony's original filing was kitchen sink material where only a few points were at all relevant to the anti-competitive nature of the deal, the rest was random BS.

porkChop79d ago

Depending on the due date I could maybe understand them saying there isn't enough time regarding the new deals they've just made in the last week or so. But anything older than that shouldn't have been a problem. Just give up the documents. Sony had to do it and so do you. That's how this works. If you make a claim you have to provide documents to back up your claim.