FTC lawyers want more info on Microsoft’s 10 year deals with Nintendo and Nvidia

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants more information regarding Microsoft’s plans for its next console, as well as its exclusivity plans for Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax.

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XiNatsuDragnel73d ago

Exactly we need them details on these deals imo.

RpgSama73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Based on another article on the same subject that was denied because a "duplicate" (even though it included additional and very specific information not found on this one), it seems that "still after 24 requests from the FTC’s legal team on the case, Microsoft refuses to provide requested documents, even with the FTC’s team being as specific as possible."

After 24, I repeat, 24 different requests, MS refuses to provide the requested documents. LOL.

XiNatsuDragnel73d ago

Oof I smell lawsuit incoming they ain't above the law.

zaanan72d ago

Here’s the FTC doc detailing the 24 requests:

neutralgamer199272d ago

We all know this deal will be approved but let's also get some more clarity on this deal and zenimax. I don't know why gamers think FTC is doing this to favor PlayStation

They are doing their due diligence and again under Biden administration mergers are more scrutinized. Ms should provide a hat FTC is looking for so we can move on. This daily article nonsense has to stop. It seems nothing else gets any attention because everyone in gaming industry is on hold until this is clarified

Obscure_Observer73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Lol! FTC is running out of arguments to block the acquisition! Good!

With all those contracts signed by multiple gaming companies, the judges will have no choice but approve the ABK´s acquisition by Microsoft.

OFF: FTC´s documents also confirms that Microsoft is working on its next gen Xbox console!


darkrider73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Nope, microsoft is running out of arguments. And they are calling them out. Otherwise it would be already approved...

Obscure_Observer73d ago

Microsoft don´t need arguments when ACTIONS speaks louder!!!

Sony has nothing but the same words on repeat: "We want this deal blocked!"

Do you think it will be enough? Lmao!

343_Guilty_Spark73d ago

It will be approved just a matter of when not if.

giovonni73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Where did you get that notion, thats not even what the article is even insinuating? They want the paper work for MS’s next console plans, and that’s fair. However, under the leadership of Khan, The FTC has failed to provide concrete evidence to support the blocking of said merger most of the info has been speculative rhetoric. Also reading into the article, I don’t know why they keep trying to use Bethesda as leverage. MS has already said that they will support games already released ( which they have) and any future games will be on a case by case basis and Star Field’s exclusivity was going to be brought by Sony. So I agree The FTC is really reaching for something, and it has everything to do with Khan’s view on large corp. companies

ChiefofLoliPolice72d ago

Need to need to respond to him. Him and Orchard are some of the absolute biggest Xbox fanboys on this site.

frostypants72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@obscure_observer once again, this is not about Sony. This is about MS and the entire industry. And the plaintiff isn't Sony. That's just the PR spin MS has fed you and you so willingly swallow.

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Gamer_Dude73d ago

I predict there's about to be a lot of unhappy Sony only people.

73d ago
ApocalypseShadow73d ago

I predict that you'll still be waiting for E3 and high fidelity VR.

FTC can already see that they bought a publisher and locked up the games.

SurgicalMenace73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Well, I've got all the platforms and the only one that seems to leave me consistently unsatisfied is my XB. Tell me again why Sony people will be unhappy when it's MS that's always underperforming?

73d ago
1Victor73d ago

@dude: “ I predict there's about to be a lot of unhappy Sony only people.”
Can I get the next billion dollars power ball wining numbers with that
I expect Microsoft acquisition to pass with heavy concessions like making a CoD a separately from all the other titles and 3rd party then wouldn’t there be a lot of unhappy Xbox only people 🤣

Gamer_Dude73d ago

@Poopmeister Sony seems to think PlayStation will be finished without COD.

Aloymetal73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Nah, believe it or not I'm rooting for this MS deal to go thru...You know why? Because it's gonna be hilarious watching XBOX/MS and their fans come up with excuses as why after all those zillions spent they're still not the market leader nor the main platform with most hardware/software sales, that'd be even more embarrassing.
Hey, but don't worry cause as long as MS makes more money you guys will be happy;)

Focus4073d ago Show
Father__Merrin72d ago

but whats in it for xbox people?

OptimusDK72d ago

@Poopmeister Funny - because SONY is dooing all it can and using all resoueces trying to block the merger.

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hiroyukisanada73d ago

Just "observing" this guy be an obvious troll 😂 Enjoy, sir

Vanfernal73d ago

My theory is he's just poor and only has enough money to afford a Gamepass subscription instead of actually buying games. That's why he's so invested in the acquisition. 😆

Elda73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

The Ultimate troll including the epitome of a troll.

Obscure_Observer73d ago (Edited 73d ago )


"My theory is he's just poor and only has enough money to afford a Gamepass subscription instead of actually buying games. That's why he's so invested in the acquisition"

You people buy so many games to the point of shutting down a whole studio! Lmao!

I honestly couldn´t be more happy with you suc... I mean, rich people gladly paying for my games on Gamepass!

You´re true heroes!


Come on! You love to hate me. XD

crazyCoconuts73d ago

I'm willing to joke about almost anything.
But laughing about someone being poor is not funny imo.

blackblades73d ago

I agree with crazycoconuts that's not funny

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The3faces73d ago

True this! The FTC is looking like a toothless tiger lol. I'm thinking the acquisition can't be stopped at this point.

SurgicalMenace73d ago

You are aware when an authority asks for more details that means they're not willing to take their information at face value. Meaning they don't trust what MS is attempting to convince them of. Delusion is a hell of a thing.

Flakegriffin73d ago

No duh. Do you think they start working on next gen consoles 6 months before release?

Cmon man. Use whatever you have left over in your head.

Vengeance113873d ago (Edited 73d ago )

lmao cope and seeth, MS still has a long way to go before this will ever get approved.
All these 10yr deals on platforms where CoD wouldn't sell anyway means absolutely nothing. Can't wait for MS to give a 10yr deal to Amazon Luna for CoD next, because people def play there right? lol Oh and Atari next too!

Just a smoke screen for trick people into ignoring MS true plans which is making the series a full exclusive.

SierraGuy73d ago

If it doesn't happen by June it's not worth it to Microsoft to continue pursuing this deal and will be too costly...they will back away... and it will be a great day for gamers.

Kotick will be very nervous on that day.

xander3173d ago

why are you in favor of monopolization in the game industry? you must hate good video games.

giovonni73d ago

Problem is this isn’t a monopolization, and has nothing to do with good video games. So please explain

343_Guilty_Spark73d ago

The FTC and Sony never had any good arguments.

Aloymetal73d ago

''Lol! FTC is running out of arguments to block the acquisition! Good!''
Nope, you guys are the ones running out of arguments.

''FTC´s documents also confirms that Microsoft is working on its next gen Xbox console!''
Weird, since you guys are always repeating the same thing ''MS don't really care about hardware sales''...

tay870172d ago

CMA is the judge, jury and executioner. If they block it, the deal is dead. Doesn't even matter if the FTC can't get the documents they are requesting.

Vanfernal72d ago

"You people buy so many games to the point of shutting down a whole studio! Lmao!

I honestly couldn´t be more happy with you suc... I mean, rich people gladly paying for my games on Gamepass!

You´re true heroes!"

Not sure who "you people" are lol.

I have a gaming pc with Gamepass , PS5, Switch, bought my wife an Xbox (also with Gamepass), so I pretty much don't miss out on any release no matter what, and I can see plain as day how one company buying out all the big publishers is bad for the industry and for us there consumers in general.

As for the shutting down the whole studio thing. If you're talking about Forspoken, I thought that game looked like crap since day 1. Still a shame to see new studios fail.

Just flat out say you're a rabid fanboy (the thing you criticize so much) and that your "team" needs a win so bad you can't help but shill for the MS merger and Gamepass every chance you get. Maybe if you were open about it you wouldn't get ratioed to hell every time you write one of your ignorant fanboy takes lol.


😂😂😂 28514; the judge will have no choice 😂😂🤡

zaanan72d ago

Hm, your comment is getting ratioed. Perhaps more caps and exclamation points would help?

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TheEnigma31373d ago

MS should have focused on their 20 plus devs they own and they wouldn't have to go through this. All they can do now is try to buy established companies to help their dying console brand.

Abracadabra73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Why does Sony keep purchasing more studios? Doesn't Sony have enough studios?
Shouldn't Sony focus on their own studios instead of purchasing exclusive 3rd party games and more studios?

TheEnigma31373d ago

Sony has great exclusive games MS doesn't. They have been a dud since last gen.

Asplundh73d ago

Que the incoming "BuT BuT OnE iS bUyInG pLuBlIShErS" deflection.

Abracadabra73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

"Sony has great exclusive games MS doesn't..."

That's another reason why Sony don't need more studios or 3rd party exclusives. Microsoft need all the help they can get.

343_Guilty_Spark73d ago


You didn't answer his question. Why is Sony still buying studios and paying for 3rd party exclusives?

blackblades73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

But they are focusing on there own studios thats why they have good games to begin with. They all are working on games, having a 3rd party make 1 game for them is nothing its ms fault that dragon game with platinum fell apart. Theres nothing wrong with adding another studio every now and then to expand it. Theyre not buying up big azz publishers, they making strategic moves. They also got Evo and support studios not just outright big publishers. Also MS started it all even Nintendo acquired a studio that they worked with for a long time.

anast73d ago

No, they don't. Sony should have more; they make great games. MS has been a parasite for over 20 years now.

IamFrasierCrane73d ago

Sony has less studios than MS…

Why are they buying them? If they don’t MS will.

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LabRat73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

@Enigma "MS should have focused on their 20 plus devs they own and they wouldn't have to go through this"

100% agree with that. Is 20 first party studios not enough?? They could be cranking out 3 - 4 AAA games a year sprinkled with some AA at this point. Its been a few years now, we should be seeing a TON of gameplay from upcoming first party games. Now FTC wants to know the plans for Bethesda? This whole acquisition is a joke at this point and MS shooting themselves in the foot.

Vengeance113873d ago

Lets also see the personnel file on Phil Spencer, see what kind of performance reviews he got in the past.

BandarHub73d ago

The file they want from Sony has nothing to do with the performance Xbox doesn't care about that...But everything to do with whether or not Jim himself or Senior staff get bonuses for exclusive deals. That would be a big issue as it not disregards the company's benefit but rather individuals making money for themselves. There is a high chance that MS knows that this happens and the reason why Sont is refusing to give the documents.

MrSec8472d ago

So what you're saying is that closing a contract doesn't warrant a bonus or perks.
Microsoft obviously pays it's guys bonuses to close on these deals, so you're reasoning doesn't really make sense as it wouldn't be any different between either side.
Why shouldn't Jim or any closer not make something for furthering their relations with publishers?

Seriously if this is all you guys have as so called arguments for why the acquisition should happen you're really reaching. The FTC can also ask MS for their dealings and whether they paid their guys bonuses for closing big 3rd party exclusivity deals.

I really don't get why it's an issue for Sony to have exclusivity on franchises like Final Fantasy which sells best on PlayStation and sells little on Xbox, Tomb Raider always had the bigger audience on PlayStation and Microsoft thought it was fine to pay for Rise of the Tomb Raider to be an XBox exclusive for time, that was about as Anti-Consumer as it gets.

73d ago