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As well as choice-driven narratives, Supermassive Games have also ventured into the virtual realm with the incredible Rush of Blood. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is both a spiritual sequel to the rollercoaster hell ride and a new entry in their current anthology series but will it manage to reach the heights of its predecessor?

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SullysCigar81d ago

I expect Rush of Blood will get overhauled and they'll make a bundle...but I can't wait that long to play this!

psplova79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Played about 30 minutes of this yesterday and I am so put off by the janky graphics that I'm not playing it again until they patch it. They are going to patch it, right? : /

I held off on preordering this one until about a week before it released. I didn't have much interest since I never played Rush of Blood. I blame the positive previews for not only forcing my hand in giving in and buying it, but also in my disappointment in how noone seemed to have mentioned how ugly the game looked inside the headset. From all of the previews, it looked fine. But that was obviously looking at it from the social screen angle.. the game looks absolutely horrid from inside the headset and that to me is unacceptable. This is the first psvr2 game (13 total) that I regret buying.

Anyway, buyer beware. Maybe try the demo before throwing down 40 on this one..