The Witcher 3 Patch 4.02 Brings A Myriad Of Fixes On PC, Xbox, And PlayStation

The update launched yesterday and improves the overall stability and performance of the RPG.

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victorMaje77d ago

I went back in when they released the next-gen upgrade. I thought I'd check it out to see the changes & do a few quests.
I ended up replaying the whole game all over again in death march difficulty, including hearts of stone & am now back in Toussaint.
I simply couldn't stop. Once again it was the quests & stories of this game that just clicked with me. I still cared for the stories. They're so well made & written.

But also, the hugely improved loading times (nothing took longer than 8-10 seconds), the graphical improvements, extra foliage & crowds, the camera work (I set my settings to close) & especially the new sign casting controls made for a more than ever immersive & enjoyable experience. & the Skellige music, which to this day is one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard in a video game.

It was already a masterpiece in 2015, & it still is to this day.
The Witcher 3 is one of the best games I've ever played.

Levii_9277d ago

I ended up deleting it from my PS5 because if CDPR is good at anything these days it's disappointing people. The performance was so underwhelming and choppy i couldn't play it. Lol smooth 60fps it says in the options menu.. sure.

CobraKai77d ago

I’m ready to dive back in. I was about to but then heard about the next gen update. This was a great game in 2015, and even then it wasn’t perfect, but it was fantastic all the same.

anast77d ago

I'm with you. I appreciate the sign controls.

blackblades77d ago

I had that for like 5 years or more and never beat it. Stop around maybe before the half mark I guess idk. Might get back on it now.

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repsahj77d ago

Still no next gen patch for switch? switch version is still v3.70!! Please CDR, I want to use my switch save file to my PS5!

DankSinatra77d ago

I doubt they would ever give the switch a next gen patch. They had to severely downgrade the original to get it playable. The next gen version is giving issues for next gen consoles and pc.

repsahj77d ago

There is no need to improve the graphics of the switch, they just need to have the same patch version so that the cloud saving can be used and transferred.

I think the switch, ps4, and xbox1 save files can't be used in the cloud save to transfer to XSX and PS5 because the patch version is different.

DankSinatra77d ago

“There is no need to improve the graphics of the switch“

That’s quite literally the point of version 4.0. I highly doubt they’ll actually update the switch to that version as the only purpose for that version is the graphics overhaul and other tweaks. It wouldn’t make sense to update the switch to the “Next Gen” version just for the cloud save.

--Onilink--77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Cross save is not only something they have advertised, but something that currently works between other platforms.
Making sure that continues to work on all platforms is definitely something that makes sense and I see no reason why they couldn’t release that update on other consoles without the graphical upgrades
They even did mention they were going to update it, they just havent said when

henryjonas5977d ago

Great article. Tanks for sharing.

jznrpg77d ago

I will go and play again this on PS5 with the DLC eventually

repsahj77d ago

Some players experience errors more frequently in all versions, especially on PC because of this patch. But so far I have not experienced any on my PS5.