The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR - A Thrilling Horror Rollercoaster Ride - PSU

From PSU: "Supermassive Games has nailed the thrill of funfair rides and amplified it with a healthy dose of horror. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR utilizes the PSVR 2 toolset to great and grisly effect. It can be counted among the most consistently entertaining PSVR 2 experiences you can have."

SullysCigar74d ago

Looking forward to diving into this game tomorrow. Loved Rush of Blood so much, so I can't wait!

Sounds like they might need to patch some pop-in and up-res a bit though, which is a shame, considering it's been delayed for 3 weeks. day one patch, perhaps?

EvertonFC74d ago

Yeah disappointing haptics also according to "psvr without parole"

crazyCoconuts74d ago

Have you played the dark pictures games yet?
I've gone through medan and in the middle of little hope. I think it will be better if you recognize the characters

SullysCigar74d ago

I haven't played any of them, unfortunately, but I hadn't played Until Dawn until a couple of years after Rush of Blood and I still loved it! I just did it backwards, I guess - I had fun remembering Rush of Blood when playing the game it referenced!

EvertonFC74d ago

From what "psvr without parole" review said, it's blurry and low Res with poor use of the haptics.
He loved the 1st game but not this one as much although he does score the game 7.8.
I'm gonna wait a month for a patch or 2 tbh.

Neonridr74d ago

can't wait.. this and Walking Dead for me in the next couple of weeks. Going to be a great time in VR.