Pavlov VR review on PSVR2 -- "I've got your six" | Digital Trends

Pavlov VR is an absolute showcase for what an FPS should be in VR. It runs tremendously, it has an awesome amount of content to play, and it’s just fun to play. This one should be in your PSVR2 library right now.

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mandf81d ago

First zombie I experienced made me cower. Scared stupid. Wow it was a unique feeling. It gives me motion sickness when I move. I will get used to it but I'm hooked on gt7.

SullysCigar80d ago

That's the way man, dip in and out of Pavlov and you've be fine with free movement in a matter of weeks. Just be patient and don't force it. it's worth the wait, Pavlov is amazing.

GT7 is the gaming equivalent of cocaine - but in a good way!

mandf80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Yeah I bought 6 vr games and I'm learning what makes me lose my equilibrium. I'm patient because I realize vr is the way foreword. Gt7 in 2d just doesn't cut it once comfortable in vr.