Microsoft announces yet another 10-year deal, with firm behind Switch cloud games

The Xbox owner has made several agreements as it attempts to ease regulatory concerns.

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Thundercat7775d ago

😂 Wow

These deals are just a show. MS will drop support after the 10 years and COD doesn't sell on those platforms so they don't have any impact.

I don't know how can you make a legal deal based on a product you don't own.

What's next? 10 years deal with Atari?

crazyCoconuts75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

You can make a legal deal for anything. The contract would be contingent upon the sale

VenomUK75d ago

These deals are for Microsoft to help make the case that if it acquires Activision-Blizzard MORE people will have access to its games. However if we're honest, some of these cloud services do not have a large playerbase and, considering Google with all its resources and expertise was unable to make its Stadia platform work then these cloud services are not likely to be around in the long term either.

Microsoft has said it wants to bring its service to more people and is using these no-name cloud services as proof of that but these other platforms are nothing but a smokescreen. The reality is Microsoft wants to attract the PlayStation player base to Game Pass which will be better value as the games will be 'free'.

343_Guilty_Spark75d ago

Boosteroid has 4+ million customers.

crazyCoconuts75d ago

@343 you're back with boosteroid, our privately held Ukrainian company that hardly anyone knows anything about. They could tell you they have 100M customers if they wanted.

Lifexline75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Lol at you being bothered that so many more people are going to enjoy all of Microsoft games. Can you not afford another platform? That’s the things it’s the cloud you don’t need hardware just a subscription im assuming.
Why does it bother you this is such a good thing people must really be a hardcore Sony fanboy the type that stalks and threatens people like we see in the news to get bothered that millions more will get access to all of Xbox games.

crazyCoconuts75d ago

People with some perspective are just calling this out as being a big nothing burger used to manipulate people's opinions, that's all.
Nothing against businesses trying to make a living streaming, they have nothing to lose with this. But trying to help people from getting suckered by MS BS

Lifexline75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

@crazy are you that naive that you think people are not that smart enough all this is just for show so the deal goes through. It’s like thanks captain obvious.

But the thing is yea it’s for posterity but at the same time so many people are benefiting from this. So it’s actually a good thing even if it’s for show. So many people are benefitting. which is why I wonder why people are getting mad at this it’s kind of weird that they are getting upset it’s like they are the police and they must right something lol that everyone is fully aware of. So they end up looking sad and weird.

ActualEngineer74d ago

The site is full of Sony bots that downvote and report anything remotely against Sony. Don't even bother. Go to reddit for actually good comments and people with common sense.

-Foxtrot75d ago

Feels like the Call of Duty versions will just be streaming based

Only way to get both versions looking the exact same

Vengeance113875d ago

Seriously, I don't know how MS can say with a straight face that all they want is to "put their games on as many screens as possible and bring them to as many users as possible when in 10yrs time, they will yank CoD off of any and all platforms that don't fall under the Xbox ecosystem.
Like they're really saying oh yes we want these games to reach as many people as possible.... for a limited time until we pull a 180 and then don't want that.

Obscure_Observer75d ago

"Like they're really saying oh yes we want these games to reach as many people as possible.... for a limited time until we pull a 180 and then don't want that."

Lol! That fact that millions of gamers worldwide will be able to play Xbox games is eating you alive. XD

343_Guilty_Spark75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

More games to more customers. Who is Sony bringing games too? PlayStation owners? Who else?

The deals are are commitment to other companies meaning they have to make good on their agreement. So based on your logic how could it possibly be just “for show”?
You big mad!!

BehindTheRows75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Well, yeah, sure, many PC players are PlayStation owners too.

The deals are merely a reaction and mainly a hopeful aid to push the acquisition through. They are not Microsoft suddenly becoming everyone's friend.

Outside_ofthe_Box75d ago

If Sony never opposed the acquisition none of these deals would have happened.

And if it's truly about more games to more customers then why not bring all your games to Playstation as well?

Godmars29075d ago

Think the real issue is that MS can "alter the deal, prey I don't alter it any further!"

Once the Xbox brand is on multiple competing services, there's going to be levels of dependency or expectation from the user bases of those other services. A good percentage of Nintendo users play COD on Switch ten years from now, be a shame if by the end of that deal MS takes it away. Maybe Nintendo should pay MS to keep COD on the Switch? Hell, maybe Nintendo should just sign - a bit of - themselves over?

VariantAEC73d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing this is something Xbox will certainly do. Give it to them "free" for now so they can get the ABK sale through only to force the other pubs to pay later for continued support or take the franchise away in the hopes that people will make the leap to Xbox.

Seems like a thing scummy companies like MS would do.

ApocalypseShadow75d ago

Microsoft doesn't use these words anymore in describing their approach. But EMBRACE EXTEND EXTINGUISH is still their bottom line in how they do business.

But some of these gamers are oblivious to their shady behavior. And past history.

Gamer_Dude74d ago

Microsoft is bringing Minecraft to Chromebooks.

Gamer_Dude74d ago

I don't know how you can dissagree with my statement! lol

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They make it seem like if this deal doesn’t go through, then “the” games are in fact NOT coming…

Wtf Xbox, how hard is it to make games?!? Of course it is hard, but your competitors manage…

Binarycode74d ago

100% facts. They have enough devs to crank out top games.

King_Noctis74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Hi Fi Rush literally just came out. Starfield, Redfall, and Forza are all set to come out this year as well. Why do some people have such short term memory when it comes to Xbox?


Excuse me? How does HiFi Rush count as AAA?

It is a brilliant game, I absolutely love it, cannot say enough great things about HiFi Rush…. But I did not drop $500 on “history’s strongest console EVER” to play AA cell shaded beat-based button mashers.

And Starfield is the only other Xbox release I care about this year; but Xbox didn’t even make it, they bought it.

King_Noctis74d ago

“Xbox didn’t even make it, they bought it.”

Lol what? The game is literally published by Microsoft and is made by a studio owned by Microsoft. How is it not made by Microsoft/Xbox? Unless you are saying Phil Spencer himself have to make the game in order for it to be a Microsoft’s game which then would make you more satisfied?


Because Ms bought the studio that alone is enough proof, Ms didn't make the game, it was already in development 🤣


I want to see a game that has been owned by M$ during its infancy, during its abstract concept development.

Starfield was years into development before it’s developer was bought by M$.

Starfield was going to exist without M$.

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Stanjara75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

This deal is so that Microsoft blocks PS6 out of content.

So why would Sony agree???

If this goes through, next headline would be Microsoft lays of 15k people out of Activison / Blizzard due to restructuring and cost savings.

theindiearmy75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

If the goal was to block PS6 out of content, then why did Microsoft offer the same deal to Sony? That would guarantee content parity on PS6, assuming it comes out within 10 years. Which I think it's safe to assume it will.

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JEECE75d ago

You have to hand it to them with this strategy. When you read how government regulator types talk about the games industry, it's clear that the vast majority of them have little or no idea what's going on. To someone with no concept of how meaningless these deals are, MS signing deals with all these companies makes it seem like they are super flexible.