Metroid Prime Remastered Review, a Timeless Classic - ESTNN

ESTNN Writes: "Let me first preface this by saying that I'm a more recent Metroid fan than most, having only started playing the series in recent years. My introduction to the series was the original Metroid game on the Nintendo Entertainment System many years ago. Later, I played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; although I had no idea what was happening, I loved it. Fast-forward to today, and I find myself swooning over Metroid Dread, which I consider my Game of the Year for 2021. Within a month, we received Metroid Prime Remastered and Metroid Fusion ported to the Switch. At this point, I've played through several stages of the series and would consider myself knowledgeable about the Metroid series as a whole, including what makes it great and some of its more frustrating aspects. So, how does Metroid Prime Remastered measure up to the legacy of the original and the Metroid series as a whole?"

GoodGuy0975d ago

I... didn't like it a whole lot. Being a fan of the 2D games, there was a lot that annoyed me. The low fov and beam changing and slow animations rather than all the beams being combined into one. I also hate games that make you scan...a lot like this game. Not sure if I'm excited for prime 4 anymore unless these are fixed lol.

Levii_9275d ago

It's definitely not for everyone but i freaking love it. The exploration and figuring out where to go and the rewarding feeling you get when you figure shit out is like the main thing of the Metroid series that i love, that and the atmo and the music ofc. That's the main thing i missed in Dredd and why it kinda disappointed me, it was too straightforward. The first half of this game was a pretty much a perfect magical experience for me and then in the second half it kinda dropped of but it was still pretty good and not to mention how mindblowing it is how much this game was ahead of it's time and influential.. sooo it's a 9/10 for me maybe even a 9.5 not sure.

The slow beam changing animations definitely became an annoying problem for me too later on in the game wish they improved that in the Remaster and also i hate how it takes Samus a couple of seconds to change from morph ball ughhh.