The Last of Us Part 1 happened because Naughty Dog wanted it to be visually "contiguous" with Part 2

Naughty Dog aimed to avoid having back-to-back playthroughs feel like "playing a PS3 game and then playing a PS5 game"

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GoodGuy0977d ago

Nah. It was obvly because of the tv show.

_SilverHawk_77d ago

I'm glad a ps5 only version of tlou 1 was made and I wish sony would remake a ps5 only version of a lot of games from past generations that utilizes the power of the ps5.

MrSec8476d ago

I suspect a lot of people would love a PS5 only version of the entire series of Jak & Daxter games, I know I would.
Give me a from the ground up PS5 Remake of the God of War trilogy and Ascension.
An obvious Sony Japan game to redo is ICO, I'm sure that would be amazing redone for PS5.

LoveSpuds76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Thing is, as far as I am concerned, more options are great. Those who didn't think the remake was needed have the option to stick with the PS4 version. Those like myself who wanted the remaster had an option to buy it.

I have to imagine that with original fans, new PS5 owners and now the hype surrounding the TV show, that remaster looks like a pretty shrewd move by ND.

Flawlessmic76d ago

The things I'd do for a jak 1,2,3 graphical remake.

I'd do dirty dirty things to make that happen 😂

1Victor76d ago

@ silver: “ I wish sony would remake a ps5 only version of a lot of games from past generations that utilizes the power of the ps5.”
My 5 nephews and I would love a PS5 only version of Starhawk or Warhawk we’re not picky even a sequel to ether would do for us 🥺🥹

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Flewid63876d ago

No one makes a video game because of a TV show. People make games to sell games. lol.

shinoff218377d ago

I'm cool with it. I'll also buy it when it hits the 30 mark or so. Still one of the greatest games I've played since the 80s. Definitely in top 10

harv05276d ago

Exactly! I'm fine with a graphical and AI upgrades but is it worth full price? Not to me anyways. I'll wait for a sale.

mastershredder76d ago

Yeah, like that was never been a concern before :/
It was nice that they felt players should pay back to back prices on a remodel.

lellkay76d ago

One of my favourite games ever, but i'll holding off till the PS5 version drops to a more reasonable price.

JokerBoy12976d ago

Bullshit. They did it to maximize profit by releasing it along with the TV show. Otherwise IF they're really telling the truth then they're going to end up remaking Part 1 yet again as well as remaking Part 2 so those both look "contiguous" next to Part 3 whenever that comes out!

S2Killinit76d ago

I think everyone here knows profits are the motivating factor behind all business, they are trying to tell you something you dont know already. A secondary factor from the artists’ perspective.

sadraiden76d ago

I respectfully doubt it. Naughty Dog wouldn't put hundreds of people through the paces of remastering a remastered game because Druckmann wanted our playthroughs to be visually contiguous. One wonders why they felt compelled to make this statement on today of all days, and not, you know, when they were marketing the PS5 re-release.

derek76d ago

@Joker, you comment is nonsensical and only states the obvious. Sony has talked openly about working towards synergy between their different portfolios to maximize profitability. Yes Playstation should update the last of us 1, if they anticipated new interest in the game from those who knew nothing about it until the tv show was released. It's smart business and it shows off the ps5 platform well. Game sell of part 1 have increased dramatically since the hbo show came out.

76d ago
sadraiden76d ago

Stop regurgitating corporate buzzwords. It makes you sound like a bot, or worse, a Sony plant. Who tf cares about synergy between their different portfolios to maximize profitability?

jambola76d ago

It's nonsensical and states the obvious?
Isn't that a bit contradictory?

derek76d ago

@sadraiden, I'm sorry did I use too many big words/phrases for you. Lol

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lucian22976d ago

imagine....making a game for profit......

dumahim76d ago

What's funny is if you compare side by side screenshots between 1 and 2 for those scenes in both, they don't match. Sure it's a lot closer than it was from the original, but I'm thinking, "they redid these scenes for 2. Reuse that for those in Part 1."

Flewid63876d ago

Its almost as if you dont know what a business objective is.

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