Playground Games, Forza Horizon, founder set to launch new studio

One of the Playground Games Co-founders, Gavin Raeburn, looks to be behind a brand new studio that's recruiting racing game development talent at a rapid pace.

XiNatsuDragnel460d ago

Nice probably his first multiplatform game.

mkis007460d ago

After Activision, they have a very short rope with acquisitions. The only studios they could acquire would be indie or brand new.

jznrpg460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

That doesn’t make much sense . Leave MS to go back to being under MS. Doubt it but who knows

porkChop460d ago

After the excellent FH games I'm excited to see what he does next.

blackblades460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

I just want a good racing game of the likes of split-second. Something thats just crazy on that level and not you typical racing game. I guess a gimmick a good one or something idk.

Anunnaki460d ago

He must feel like he can finally breathe being out from under Microsoft's boot.

Jin_Sakai460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Raeburn and Ralph Fulton sold Playground Games to Microsoft in 2018. So he lasted 5 years.

Anunnaki460d ago

The length of his non-compete perhaps.

460d ago
SierraGuy460d ago

Forza spiritual successor coming to PlayStation wooooo 🙂


Microsoft shakes up Xbox marketing as key exec departs for Roblox

Jerret West is leaving Xbox at the end of the month.

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Won’t be missed. Xbox sucks at marketing in this industry. This is badly needed.

jznrpg5h ago

I see Xbox stuff everywhere. On cereal boxes, toasters and fridges.. Xbox just sucks.

Scissorman5h ago

This. Marketing isn't the issue. He's just fleeing the sinking ship.

3h ago
DivineHand1253h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Unfortunately, Xbox has not done great with marketing this generation. One thing I found odd is that he is leaving Xbox for Roblox. I'm not sure how big Roblox is in comparison to Xbox but I can't imagine him getting better compensation from there. Perhaps he was forced out?

fr0sty3h ago

It's simple, Roblox is profitable.

DivineHand1252h ago

@fr0sty Would you leave your place of employment to work somewhere else for less pay just because that business is profitable?

You would have to be a special person to be ok with that.

zaanan1h ago

That, or he is pulling an Elop.

Tedakin57m ago

Xbox marketing has mostly been trash for a decade. Shake it up as much as you can.

RhinoGamer8838m ago

Marketing is not the issue at XBOX. Production and its leadership have screwed up royally. XBOX studios, wth are you doing managing these developers?!


Returnal Beginning of a "New Future" at Housemarque, Is the Game That "Allowed" Studio to Join Sony

According to Housemarque, Returnal marks the beginning of a "new future" at the studio, and is the game that them to join Sony.

fr0sty8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Returnal was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing what these folks create with Sony in the future.

jznrpg8h ago

They make some fun arcade styles games. Returnal is one of the best games so far this generation. I wonder what is next

amobius7h ago

returnal is easily one of the most underrated games this gen. a lot of people with ps5s dont know it exists.

fr0sty6h ago

And it exists for free if you subscribe to PS+ Extra or Premium.


Major Nelson is joining Unity

The Verge writes: "Larry Hryb, aka “Major Nelson,” has his next job. Following his departure from Microsoft last year, where he was a public face for the Xbox brand, Hryb will be joining Unity’s Community team, he announced on Monday."

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