Why Persona 6 Shouldn't Follow the Action RPG Trend

Several RPG franchises are showing off the potential of action-oriented gameplay lately, but Persona 6 should retain the IP's turn-based style.

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GoodGuy09458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Yes please...I love the turn based combat in Persona and it's one of the best out there. An action based rpg for 100+hrs is horribly boring to me and no way would I be able to do that Theres a good reason why many action games are only 5-10 hrs. Ya got spinoffs you can do that for like Scramble.

shinoff2183458d ago


It sold fairly well from what I've seen. Leave as is. My only suggestion would be go back to the graphic style of 4.

BandarHub458d ago

The makers of Persona know exactly how to do turn base combat and have made it really fun with Persona 5.
I wish more would follow suit especially Square Enix. Stop listening to journalists, they totally do not live on planet earth, cant let them dictate what is good for us gamers.

notachance458d ago

It’s persona man, they’ll make an action, dance, strategy, and fighting spin off instead of changing the main games.

jznrpg458d ago

Action rpg is not really a trend . They have been around since I was a little kid.
I don’t think Persona should be an action rpg but if they did make one I would bet it would be really good .

goldwyncq458d ago

Check out P5 Strikers to get an idea of what an action RPG Persona game would play like.

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Persona 6 Logo Concept & Theme Reportedly Leaked

The logo concept and theme for Sega and Atlus' next entry in the Persona series, Persona 6, has reportedly been leaked.

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persona4chie21d ago

That, in my opinion, looks laughably fake


Persona 6's Velvet Room Has a High Bar to Clear

The Velvet Room is one of Persona's most notable features, but Persona 6 will have a hard time topping some of the room's past incarnations.

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gold_drake31d ago

it could literally be anything at this point.
its not the room itself, its how they handle the interior design of the room.

30d ago
Inverno30d ago

I gotta go back to Persona 1 and finish it but I really like the way the Velvet room is in that game. Just a random door you walk into and there's Igor. They should should go back to when Igor and the velvet room wasn't as important. Just let it be discoverable by the player.


Why Persona 1 and 2 Remakes Could Be a Big Deal for Persona 6

The success of Persona 3's remake has paved the way for the first two games in the series to do the same, and Persona 6 can capitalize on this.

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SimpleSlave38d ago

Please, keep the original art style and feel at least. Do not dilute these classics and turned them into clones of their sub-par sequels.

Also, how about some Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army and Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon love? And a sequel wouldn't hurt either. Something along the lines of Code Vein or even Scarlet Nexus would be cool. Just, you know, keep the original art style and feel.

jznrpg38d ago

Remake 4 and give it a lot of love. Do not mess with the story

Goodguy0138d ago

Oh god yes to the style of p3 reload. I think golden still doesn't need one but since they did reload, it'd be cool.

Goodguy0138d ago

I'd like remakes of them but I think it'd divide the fanbase, the modern persona fans and old fans of the originals. Would atlus pursue the original feel? Or make it more like modern persona?

gold_drake38d ago

to be fair, 5 is where alot of people jumped on board. only a small fraction has ever gone bk and played 1-3

38d ago