Gamespot: Dead Island 2 Ditches The Open World, But Ramps Up The Gore

After years in development hell, Dead Island 2 is looking better than you might assume, even as its scope seems to have been scaled down over the years.

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porkChop442d ago

That was a great read. I didn't realize Dead Island 2 wasn't open world. Tbh that actually gets me more excited. I like open world games but so many devs just go about it the wrong way. I hope we start to see more linear games this gen.

isarai442d ago

Honestly thats a big plus for me, so burnt out on open world gruel.

Jin_Sakai440d ago

Agreed. Seems everyone is chasing open world these days.

KyRo440d ago (Edited 440d ago )


Start mission, go here, clear this camp/area, kill this person, collect this, throw in random encounter annoyances, repeat. This gameplay loop applies to 90% of open world games. It's so boring because they are so similar. It all feels a bit box tickish.

I also miss large scale set pieces in games such as uncharted and you don't really see that in open world games.

440d ago
XiNatsuDragnel441d ago

Huge plus for Me. Follow the vision not trends.

XbladeTeddy440d ago

Agree, I only wish publishers saw that point of view.

mkis007441d ago

Honestly don't know what to think now...Is it more like dead space remake? Bioshock?

XbladeTeddy440d ago

Says closer to Bioshock style in the article.

Welshy440d ago

What do you mean "Bioshock style"? Bioshock was an immersive sim, Dead Island 2 doesn't look like that at all to me.

Surely they just mean hub based or linear in general?

Stanjara440d ago

Huge plus for me also... love it!

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Dead Island 2 Sells Over 3 Million Copies Since Launch

Dead Island 2 has now sold over 3 million copies since its launch. Embracer Group officially announced the milestone in its financial report.

brandon698sherrick5d ago

Dead Island 2 has surpassed 3 million copies sold and 7 million players since launch last year. It's a amazing.

MrDead4d ago

I'm happy I got this game, the story is on the weak side but the gameplay, the semi-open world and the DLC's are great. Got way more hours out of this than I ever thought I would and playing with friends is stupid fun.


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