Tekken 8 Marshall Law Gameplay Shows Off New Rage Art Complete With Nunchucks

Bandai Namco has finally released the Tekken 8 Marshall Law gameplay trailer, featuring his Heat abilities, nunchuck combos and new Rage Art.

hotnickles75d ago

Which one? I counter 4 or 5 lol. They went full Bruce this time. The finger wag one got me.

Jin_Sakai75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Bruce Lee!


DarXyde74d ago

Absolutely. You can count on two hands the references here. Love it.

This game needs a 120fps mode. That would be legendary.

Solitariussaint75d ago

Marshall Law is back!? Good, I'm glad those rumors about Law getting axed were false

PhillyDillyDee75d ago

Rage arts kinda ruined 7 for me and my friends. We usually have a standing rule to not use them but some characters are easy to accidentally trigger. Now all this would be moot if they simply added a feature to disable them, which they didnt. Fingers crossed they add more ways to customize your matches in T8. It can only be seen as a positive in my book.

Deathdeliverer75d ago

Really are the most avoidable moves in the game….

MehmetAlperTR74d ago

There's a lot of Flashy and shinny power ups and more.. I can not even see what characters doing..

Flewid63874d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Shit that fighting games have been doing since the mid 90s...esp Namco. At this point it ruins the aesthetic.