Microsoft Games Studios: "720p And 1080i Is The Sweet Spot"

During last week's DICE Convention GameInformer sat down for a quick meeting with Microsoft Game Studios Managing Director Shane Kim and General Manager Phil Spencer. While most of the meeting was spent shooting the breeze, Kim and Spencer did talk a bit about the upcoming gotta-have-it Halo 3 beta, and the fact that 1080p isn't all that important right now.

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Boink4889d ago

peter moore said that like a year ago

CAPS LOCK4889d ago

first they said ps3 wont have an 1080p game at launch and it wasn't that important.

then they release 1080p on their console as an firmware update then they say that 1080i and 720p is the sweet spot. eh? what gives?

Jay da 2KBalla4889d ago

BTW sony didnt launch with a 1080p game.

techie4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

Uh yes they did. Ridge Racer 7 1080p 60fps

oh and Gran Turismo HD...

dissectionalrr4889d ago

they're stating the obvious. 720p and 1080i are the "sweet spot" in the hdtv market. you mean to tell me you believe that there are more 1080p tvs in homes than 720p/1080i? of course not. to this day 720p/1080i tvs are outselling 1080p models by a significant margin. it is the "sweet spot" for people who are producing high definition content. quit being a fanboy and fighting sony's battle.

consolewar4889d ago

you can do better than that. This piece of flamebait is perfect. Xbots & PSdrones remember the force is with yall.

JasonXE4889d ago

I just want a bigger tv than 32 in :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.