Valorant Mobile is still in development unlike Battlefield Mobile

Riot Games is still recruiting game designers and for other positions for Valorant Mobile. It can be observed as a positive sign for all of us gamers excited for the launch of the mobile adaptation of our favourite FPS title on PC; the team seems to be boosting its capacity to churn out the best gaming experience on mobile platforms.

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Lucky Valorant Players Share Impressions of Console Limited Beta

Some Valorant players were lucky enough to get invited to try the limited console beta, and they shared their first impressions.


Hands-on with Valorant on Xbox - the next big shooter to take the console market by storm | TXH

Valorant on Xbox Series X|S is an ultra-competitive, free-to-play FPS that will have you sweating from tension.

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Leeroyw2d ago

Team shooters are failing but these shill websites make it sound like it's the next big thing. What happened to actually reporting on games?

slate912d ago

Valorant failing? Its one if the most watched shooters on the market though.

Leeroyw2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

It's stating that it's already taken the console world. By storm no less. My issue is the fact these websites just advertise and shill now. There's no integrity.


Valorant console players are being banned for using keyboard and mouse

During the Valorant console beta, some players are being banned for using a keyboard and mouse to play instead of a controller.

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Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Good. The vast majority of players use controller on consoles. Keep the playing field fair.

just_looken4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Until they add in crossplay then it gets completed screwed to one side

DarXyde4d ago


Don't play this game, but I'm guessing there's no way to filter opponent by controller method?

If they can ban people for using KBM, they must have some way to reliably detect this.

oof463d ago

There will only be Xbox/PS crossplay. No console/Pc crossplay.

just_looken3d ago


Na screwed Skewed you mean one side would have it but lets face it pc players killed console mp i told everyone that cross play will kill any console mp game 0 believed me now we have ps5 players playing against keyboard/mouse players that also may have mod menus.

Controller vs controller same platform is were console made sense to play online very low chance to find a mod menu user and it was more of a equal playing field ps3/ps4 was great for this. But now beyond the latency like i sated before console player's get screwed over.

Its just amazing ps5 version of gta online has not merged with the pc crowed mark my words if they allow gta6 console version to communicate with pc version than that online will be like the pc version completely unplayable.

I tried pc gtao never got out of a private lobby before i got fed over by some modder that game is totally broken on pc.

Zeref3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

The game has crossplay between consoles only. Keyboard and Mouse is not allowed at all.

So right now it's a completely level playing field. It actually feels really good.
PC has ruined console shooters. I'm glad Valorant chose to put competitive integrity over engagement numbers.

just_looken3d ago


Thanks for the information so its ok for now but time will tell fortnight console was locked for abit till they flipped the switch.

ChronoJoe3d ago

Almost no games have mixed input matchmaking. XDefiant, Apex, Destiny... and so forth, just split the player base based on input, it's much fairer for both sides. No one is going to get 'screwed'.

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NotoriousWhiz3d ago

I've grown to believe that we shouldn't avoid players based on their input method. Just let proper skill based matchmaking filter them out. If they are too good, then they'll just end up playing with other people that are too good.

purple1013d ago

literally just had the same thought, before sbmm it would have been unfair, but now if your destroying newbs on a mouse keyboard combo, youl get moved to better lobbies pretty quick.

slayereddy2d ago

The worst player can still turn quicker, and move easier with kbm.

X-234d ago

Good, they made the decision to not implement Gyro functionality for the PS5 controller to "keep things balanced" so them allowing KBM is a bs move.

Inverno4d ago

Yeaaaa mouse and keyboard were a feature and still technically are a feature advertised to work on consoles since last generation. Rather than encouraging people to actually use the feature let's ban them instead. Then they wonder why people don't use alternative controller schemes on consoles.

Eidolon3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

KB/M support needs to be "programmed" in for console. Can you just plug in KB/M an play? Someone allowed it when it is supposedly bannable. I sense an apology coming,

PassNextquestion3d ago

If they don't want you to use a keyboard and mouse why implement it into the game...

PapaBop3d ago

They haven't implemented it into the game. There are adapters you can buy like Xim. It's common for competitive shooters to ban players for using them because they combine the precision of a K/M with aim assist of a controller. I've came up against players using them in other games and it's just a broken horrible experience.

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