Destiny 2 Continues To Suffer From Its Greatest Weakness

Destiny 2 fails to resolve its greatest problem following the launch of Lightfall, holding itself back from reaching new heights.

masterfox74d ago

neptune world looks so dull, developers were like, lets put some huge boxes and rectangles as buildings with some glow in the edges, announce it as new stuff!, and bang!! easy money !!!

Seriously Bungie Im not falling for that cr×÷@p / dullness, put your arsess to work and create something special.

Flakegriffin73d ago

Even if they did create something special, people will find a reason to be upset over it.

NealGamby73d ago

Destiny 2 is far from perfect. However, I’d argue that it has already exploded to a “larger audience”. It can’t really get much bigger. And the issue that the author has with it is user error. There’s plenty of quests that propel a storyline to be found.

sairenfox209973d ago

Doesn't change the fact that it's poorly designed. Just because "there are plenty of quests that propel a storyline to be found" doesn't mean you can get a free pass for having a cluttered mess with little to no explanation

ShoryuSwordsman73d ago

Guess you must hate the souls series then, seeing as this is their exact design for storytelling lol. If anything, less so. And it gets the job done just fine, provided you're willing to put in the effort, that is, reading item descriptions, looking at the text dialogue for quests, doing side missions that propel the story, etc.

sairenfox209973d ago

@ShoryuSwordsman Not sure if you missed it but I said: "cluttered". Souls games are far from being that way. You can compare everything to souls if you like but you need to step out of that bubble at some point. Games that go on for too long have a problem and it's not dealt with here as well as it can be. Doesn't change the fact that D2 is a good game but it's an obvious mess

Flakegriffin72d ago


Ah, the humans biggest weakness. Reading.

Kuma72d ago

Destiny is not perfect but it is still the best game out there.