Naughty Dog Next Game Already Decided on by Studio; TLOU Multiplayer Info Coming Later This Year

Neil Druckmann has shared that Naughty Dog has decided on their next game. The Last of Us multiplayer info coming later this year confirmed.

Jin_Sakai77d ago

Info? Just show us the game already.

Jin_Sakai76d ago

Also can’t wait to see Naughty Dog’s next game. Something new and fresh from them. Should be exciting!

tay870176d ago

Yah hope the Sci fi rumor that was floating around about about a yr and half ago are true.

Obscure_Observer76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

"Also can’t wait to see Naughty Dog’s next game. Something new and fresh from them. Should be exciting!"

If they just decided on what to do next, I predict a PS6 game given ND´s recent track record on Factions 2.

FinalFantasyFanatic75d ago

I would love that, A sci-fi game from them could be really fun!

-Foxtrot76d ago

Yeah it just seems like it's never ending

I loved Factions don't get me wrong but as a huge stand-alone game? I would have just preferred a mode similar to the one in the original but in Part II improved upon.

Just worries me one of the best multiplayer games on the PS3, along with Uncharted 2 is going to be littered with GaaS features.

isarai76d ago

Same worries here, i really dont know if i should be excited or not for factions. I hope they realize the simplicity of factions was a big part of what made it good,....i dunno, we'll just have to wait and see.

Eonjay76d ago

I feel like Factions is a smaller part of what this will be. It seems like a story driven multi-player with coop. One imagines classic multiplayer modes to return as well.

excaliburps76d ago

If anyone remembers, TLOUT1 multiplayer was rife with pay-to-win BS. That's one ot the main reasons it flamed out. It was insane and not talked about enough.

DarXyde75d ago

For some reason, I'm not that worried.

Naughty Dog has been really good about presenting their vision for their titles and launching an excellent product. The time in the oven with little shown is a testament to their commitment in my opinion.

That said, I suspect Sony as a corporation is going to try something nefarious for monetization. They've try to do this before (e.g., GT7 and Horizon: Forbidden West). On one hand, I'm not worried because PlayStation gamers are outstanding at getting Sony to do the right thing by slapping down these dumb ideas. But in the other hand, pressure may only work if there's a precedent set; it was clear they were going back on their word about Horizon— they ended up honoring it because we're a rowdy lot. But there's been no precedent for this game. Eh.. Worst case, we ignore the game and Sony makes things right. I've no questions about the quality, just how they plan to extract money from us.

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Profchaos76d ago

It'll be 3 years minimum before we get a reveal

MrSec8476d ago

Once Factions has been released later this year the next game will be teased, probably with a title card or some teaser trailer.
ND tend to work pretty quickly given the depth they put into their games, so it will likely be out within 3 years, it's probably already in deep development anyway and they're getting close to making the final push on Factions before it goes into beta for gamers to start trying it.

Maybe 6 months to a year from when Faction launches they'll reveal whatever it is.

Profchaos76d ago

@mrsec I really hope you're right I'm excited to see what's next for ND I'm confident it'll be a new IP

isarai76d ago

I would be so game for the Savage Starlight theories.

porkChop76d ago

That's what I'm hoping for. A Naughty Dog take on something like Mass Effect could be awesome.

TheKingKratos76d ago

Same wish

If they made a space adventure game i would die happy... won't be sad if they did part 3 of TLou though.

1Victor76d ago

As long as it’s not ROG or FPS(unless it’s a VR) I’m in day one

Flawlessmic76d ago

Would love that but in general just a new ip from naughty dog would make me happy, it's been a while now, so after factions hopefully we get something new from them.

SenorFartCushion76d ago

Are there not enough fantasy games already out there? There’s a new one every 18’ seconds

shinoff218376d ago

Id defintely be more on the sci fi side. Your spot on with the fantasy games though. Theres so many

victorMaje76d ago

Yes! Or Pirate action adventure.

S2Killinit76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

There is a possibility that ND already teased their next game in the form of the cards we found all over TLOU2. They intrigued me. Im pretty sure they had something to do with their next project.

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GoodGuy0976d ago

Bruh, crazy it's taking this long for factions...
I really wish they included factions 1 with the part 1 remake...but nope.

Eonjay76d ago

I think people are gonna do a double take when they realise that this is a whole complete new story driven game.

MrSec8476d ago

I'm anticipating Faction to be a large, connected experience, with story elements baked into some Last of Us centered MMO style title.
Maybe not an open world, but hubs, which connect into large areas.

Think TLOU2's open area, many times that size and expanded over time, with persistently changing storylines going on throughout the Factions World.

MrSec8476d ago

Alongside Factions I hope we get an approach like The Last of Us or Uncharted, but tackling a Science Fiction, futuristic or Fantasy narrative.

ND could even go for something like a more grounded, dramatic, action story set in the real world, not post apocalyptical, but gritty and character focused.

Shane Kim76d ago

Got to shove in all those Gaas feature.

isarai76d ago

Cant wait to see what they do with the PS5.

SenorFartCushion76d ago

Dark Souls clone or live service ga, whch one is it going to be.