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Gran Turismo 7 and PSVR 2 is a plug’n play experience when you will spend all your time driving, and no time tweaking and fiddling.

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SullysCigar86d ago

This game is so great in VR I splashed out on a racing rig and I hardly sleep - help!!

mandf86d ago

Yo my weekend was consumed by gran turismo. I hoping for a foot of snow on the ground tomorrow so I can play all day

SullysCigar85d ago

Sorry for the delay - I went with the Thrustmaster T300RS. Better wheel (not notchy, nice and smooth, but strong), but the pedals aren't great (according to the internet - I have nothing to compare them too. Seem fine to me). I chose the wheel and waited to find the lot, close by second hand. Got the wheel, pedals, frame and seat for 230 - really pleased with it all and the price. I figured I could just sell for a profit if it didn't grab me. It totally grabbed me, so the only way I'm letting it go is if I decide to upgrade!

Knushwood Butt86d ago

For me this experience alone covers the outlay on PSVR2.

I wonder if there will be a March update.

Bathyj84d ago

I bought a wheel when GT launched but then never played the game so I just sat there. VR has justified that purchase and it's already my most played game this year.