Iron Galaxy will be responsible for The Last of Us Part I Remake PC

Naughty Dog has updated the PC specs for The Last of Us Part I and revealed that the team responsible for the PC port will be Iron Galaxy.

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IanTH79d ago

Interesting, as most people were getting the impression this was being handled by ND internally as one of their first full-on PC projects. Just watched a vid yesterday that even had Digital Foundry mentioning that fact, so guess everyone did a little too much assuming on that one!

Not sure if I'll eventually pick this up on PC or PS5, but either way, hope it's a solid port!

EvertonFC79d ago

Most website news is just assuming tbh or just stating the obvious

anast79d ago

I got it for the PS5. I am satisfied.

Snookies1279d ago (Edited 79d ago )

We know it'll run amazingly on PS5 being done by ND themselves. Just curious how it'll perform when a different developer is porting it over to PC.

anast78d ago


Probably not well.

Plagasx78d ago

Oh boy...This isn't good news at ALL. Why can't more developers be like Bend Studios and make the port in house?? Days Gone is one of the best PC ports EVER.

DustMan73d ago

They handled the pc ports of all the arkham games. Except the Dark Night which was the only dumpster fire pc launch the series had. So they have a reasonable record for doing solid ports across all platforms.