Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Might Look Bad, But It Feels Real

TheGamer Writes "All the weak Pokemon waiting for you on your doorstep isn't how it would happen in the real world."

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-Foxtrot75d ago

Are just making up excuses for it now and saying anything we can

Feels real… 😂

MeteorPanda74d ago

having the raid terra battle as the screenshot was a terrible move.

You lose 30 seconds to a minute just waiting on the system messages and alerts.

You cant talk or coordinate anything with 4 ppl - you just to hope they have a brain or prepared for some fights.

The refresh when you know all the listings for raids are full is absolute shyte. You HAVE to attempt 2x before a refresh option appears. I tried leaving it, 5 mins didnt offer a refresh.

So no, its not great on that small part of the game alone.

No audio queue for shiny is also terrible. Your game barely loads in the models and its tiny on the switch screen...cant give an audio que like you did in aserus?

This games a mess, a fun one but a mess.

Silver_ShadoWolf74d ago

Why buy any Pokémon game from Nintendo when PokeMMO exist??

Bobertt74d ago

As opposed to feeling it's in our imagination?