Why Apex Legends' Ranked Changes are For The Best

Game Rant Writes "After Season 15's Ranked split controversy, Respawn is rebuilding good will among players with some much-needed changes to Apex Legends."

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IanTH75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Anyone know if the full matchmaking changes have rolled out everywhere? Had any experience with it to know if it is, actually, improved in any way?

I loved playing this game with my friend, but we both burned out hard after being habitually put into games where we died in the first firefight we got into nearly every damn time. To be fair, we did primarily play Duos, but nearly every mode felt as if we were over matched. I'm not going to say I was great, but after 400 hours I could expect - if fairly matched - that wouldn't happen literally the near 90% of the time it did. I didn't even care about winning, just playing matches where I felt I was fairly matched.

I'd love to hop back in and try, but really only when I know there's a slim chance in hell the matchmaking is remotely more interesting than it was before. I'm not interested in being the fodder for better players' enjoyment all the time.