Upcoming PS3 releases for January 2009

PS3Center takes a look at all the titles due out for the PS3 in January 2009.

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gauntletpython3666d ago

Skate 2 and LOTR: Conquest could be good, but this is really the calm before the storm, eh?

cayal3666d ago

LOTR Conquest was fairly decent based on the little of the demo. It's definitely not a AAA title but it could be fun.

Graphics Whore3666d ago

They shot themselves in the foot, they cut back online from 32 to 16 players.

blu3print3666d ago

is the US getting Savage Moon, this Thursday?

IzKyD13313665d ago

PSN releases are never advertised that much, it could be any Thursday for this month

MGOelite3666d ago

i was hoping for infamous, they did say early 2009

cayal3666d ago

I imagine they'd announce a release first.

Max Power3666d ago

so i imagine that it is one of those terrible movie games

Ju3666d ago

I got the LOTR demo this week and was positively surprised by this game. I still have a backlog on this I need to buy, this will add one more, I think.

cayal3666d ago

I thought it was pretty good from what I saw.

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The story is too old to be commented.