Why I'm still gaming: A defense of the Xbox Series S

WC: “Introduced as a scaled-back sibling of the Xbox Series X, budget-conscious gamers were offered the Xbox Series S as an affordable entry into Microsoft's current console generation, piquing my interest from its announcement.”

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XiNatsuDragnel86d ago

Tbh I rather play X and ps5 simple imo.

darkrider86d ago

Window central damage control. After news after news with the problems of the s holding back this Gen. Of course this kind of news of someone that clearly doesn't even play on the s. Talking about 1440p rez is a mirage on the s, then it's 1080p range and then comparing it with the switch that is a portable machine with 6 or 7 years.... Scary stuff.

The s is perfect for kids that don't understand nothing and don't care about anything beside playing. Everything else is already a fact. The s is holding back the X. If first party have problems running the games and reach the 1440/60 propaganda use by Microsoft to sell it, 3rd party will have even more problems. Combining lack of power and extremely low sales of games, what do anybody, with half a brain, think that 3rd party studios will do with the s version....

CrimsonWing6985d ago

Isn’t this console holding next-gen games back?

FPS_D3TH85d ago

I don’t care that the console exist other than the fact microsoft forces its developers to create games less than what they can be in order to run on both current gen machines. We could have better leaps in AI and physics but instead we’re gatekept by a console that’s barely any better than the series x.

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