Final Fantasy XVI Could Be Making A Big Combat Mistake

As Final Fantasy XVI pushes the series further into Devil May Cry-like action than ever before, it might also be making one crucial mistake.

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GoodGuy0977d ago

Why I love turn based. No problem at all with many multiple playable characters and with many in combat where its...way too messy and flashy with real time.

Snookies1277d ago

Flashy does not equal messy. FF XVI's combat looks great so far. You can fully see what every move is doing. The only issue I'm worried about is how much variety there will be with movesets. Though, I hear there will be a skill tree of sorts to change up moves.

rpvenom76d ago

I hope it's like tales of arise. thats what it looks like

MehmetAlperTR76d ago

@rpvenom nope... Dev said it's look like more GOW and DMC.

Elda76d ago

FFXVI looks great. I can't wait to play.

masterfox76d ago

well gotta love that mistake then :D

Name Last Name76d ago

Another trash article by screenrant

Flawlessmic76d ago

Have absolutely zero concerns about ff16.

And that's coming from a traditional ff fan that loves turn based, for me ffx was peak turn based combat, bravely default series had an awesome system aswell.

The devs behind this are super talented and whats been shown so far looks proper epic!!

Is it different yea sure, is not having a party system weird, yea sure. Does it make the game look any less stellar nope.

Ff16 is gonna be 🔥 🔥🔥

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