I Don’t Really Care What Final Fantasy Is Anymore

TG: “Final Fantasy XVI is a dark step away from a turn-based adventure with friends, but maybe I've grown up too.

Before I get into this - let me explain the title. I don’t really care what Final Fantasy is anymore. That doesn’t mean I dislike the series now or I’m angry at Final Fantasy 16. Or that I’m never playing a Final Fantasy game again. None of that is what this article is about. I still love Final Fantasy. I just don’t think I care what it is anymore.“

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TheColbertinator75d ago

The problem began when Square Enix didn't care what it was anymore.

Darkhorizon75d ago

I don't really care anymore. So I will write about it. That show them.

BlackDoomAx75d ago

I feel the same. Like for Star Wars.

StalinSupremacy74d ago

NFT Fantasy has been on a fast-track to irrelevence since 12.