13 years later, Final Fantasy 13 still tells one of the series’ most ambitious stories

Final Fantasy 13 launched worldwide 13 years ago, and, since then, it’s developed a bit of a dodgy reputation. Environments that amounted to little more than bland hallways, a convoluted plot with a penchant for proper nouns, yet more changes to the battle system, and a dudebro hero whose heart of gold can’t mask his innate annoyingness came to define this awkward entry in the storied series. However valid some of these criticisms might be, they overshadow one of the more complex and important stories in the series, and perhaps even the genre as a whole.

-Foxtrot80d ago

More like boring, uninteresting or drawn out

Godmars29080d ago (Edited 80d ago )

One game so boring, they made two more trying to flesh it out.

It did not work...

Elda80d ago

I loved FFXIII but I agree it didn't need a part 2 or 3, I thought those 2 games were boring.

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

I don't think they actually tried to flesh it out, I think it was more a cost cutting/saving measure on their part. In interviews, the developers stated they had enough leftover assets to make another game or two. All those unused assets and we still didn't end up with any towns, and we had a barren world outside of Cocoon.

And SE did seem to avoid making a new numbered entry in the franchise at the time too (I believe they didn't know where to take the franchise from this point onwards).

lucian22980d ago

Two probably had the best story honestly. Best ending too

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

That, and I'm not reading through all the primers, that stuff should have been in the game as gameplay or as a cut-scenes or something, that and being one of the first FF games to drop so many series staples like towns, mini-games and such... I like the setting, and the story has potential (most of the characters are good, but don't really shine, except for Snow, stuff Snow, too much of a cardboard cut out), but it's such a slog to get through.

Nerdmaster79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

"That, and I'm not reading through all the primers, that stuff should have been in the game as gameplay or as a cut-scenes or something"
To be fair, last year's game of the year was an RPG with no story or lore told through gameplay and cut-scenes, and everything was hidden in item descriptions in menus. And I see so many people defending it like it's the best storytelling method ever. So maybe the game would be more well-received nowadays. (not by me, though, who thinks the old "show, don't tell" golden rule is still the best)

phoenixwing80d ago

The corridors killed it. Honestly they weren't sure how to do hd games and ff 13 was the result.

curtain_swoosh80d ago

no, the narrative and the characters killed it. 10 also has corridors and its great.

masterfox80d ago

nah, too ***** for my taste, no one will know :D

SegaSaturn66980d ago

I didn't hate the story. It was forgettable. But I remember just mashing x button to end the combat in just about every situation.

MrNinosan80d ago

That is every Final Fantasy before it as well thou, or better, holding down the X button.

Nebaku80d ago

Yeah okay, try doing in this in 12 that came right before it, and get back to me on how that works for you.

Adrian_v0180d ago


12 literally you don't have to push any button, you just set up 2-3 gambits and walk around to kill 90% of the enemies

lucian22980d ago


12 was the worst game in the franchise lmao. No one was unique. They were the same character with alt skins. You set up a gambit, walked away as the game played for you..... It's worst than mashing X.

But yeah the entire turn based Era of final fantasy was essentially mash x till they die, unless it was like the secret bosses or something.

Take two steps, random battle, Mash or cast ultima, dead. Next three steps, random battle, do it again. Horrible lol.

thesoftware73080d ago

lies!! lol

I can tell you have not played any FF for more than 30min by that comment lol.

MrNinosan79d ago

In FFXII I don't need to press any buttons.

MrNinosan79d ago

I have Platinum in every single game FF-game that has Trophy-support, and been playing Final Fantasy since late 80s.

shinoff218379d ago


Say what you will but there hasn't been a better ff since 9 and it was turn based. Ff10 was good but not up there with 6 through 9

Magatsuhi79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Completely incorrect... In ff7 I would press down, up, left, right. That is already 4 more extra buttons than I would press in 13. I would also press circle to return and square(or select?) to see information of something as well as L1+R1 to escape. You've clearly haven't played any FF game besides 13 if you think other turn based games were the same.

lucian22978d ago


Ff9 sucked. Sorry lol. I preferred 7 and 8. 10 was meh, hated tidus, 10-2, was more enjoyable. 12 had an awful story and characters as well as offline mmo combat. I played all the 13 games and liked the second the best.

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jambola80d ago

Funny thing is, I've seen people criticize modern gf games for being like that
While they read a YouTube chat and play older ff games barely looking at the game

thesoftware73080d ago

No way you could have beaten the game that way, once you got a bit into Grand-pulse the enemies would beat your ass if you did that, also did you do any of the hunts? super challenging, what about the Cactar, did you fight it?

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

I honestly remember doing a bit more than that, it actually was challenging in some sections, not that I was keen on it, especially the stagger system.

DOMination-79d ago

As others have said, you either didn't play it or you have a bad memory.

The game limited your ability to level up with each chapter, so you had to rely on the paradigm system from quite early on to get through battles as becoming OP just wasn't really an option (or at least wasn't until near the end).

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Godmars29080d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Blame "Chasing the (Graphics) Dragon" that was all the rage during the 360/PS3 era.

Can only wonder what the game would have been like as an isometric. That if by going smaller they could have gone larger.

FinalFantasyFanatic79d ago

As you say 13 could have benefited from "going smaller to go larger", then again, SE probably wanted to maintain the franchise's crown of having good graphics for each release.