Star Citizen Video Is All About Engineer Gameplay, Exploding Toilets, & More

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a couple of interesting videos about its growing space simulator, including the engineering concepts.

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jznrpg81d ago

Why is this game taking crowdfunding still when they have generated over half a billion dollars ? Insane

Snookies1281d ago

My thoughts exactly. These people are just lining the developers pockets for no reason. Must be nice, getting paid absurd amounts of money to make a game that will never be finished.

Abriael81d ago

Because contrary to popular belief, developers require salaries to work.

I know for some that's a difficult concept to grasp.

notachance81d ago

well take it from the $550+ millions fund then, even red dead redemption 2 was estimated to cost between $370-$540millions for the development.

or what, they don't have enough fund left that the game would be cancelled when people stopped further funding? that looks like inevitable trainwreck + netflix documentary to me.

Abriael80d ago

@notachance: CIG employs 835 staff (as of October 2022). These 835 people require salaries on an ongoing basis. It's not rocket science.

notachance79d ago

so take it from the $550+ millions funding, like I said.

ah who am I kidding, you'd never admit the devs got a mismanagement problem and they already blow that fund and don't have enough leftover to see the project to its completion.

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