Season 3 of Halo Infinite Offers a Glimpse at Redemption

Though Halo Infinite has struggled to maintain a steady stream of content, its Season 3 update could prove to be a turning point.

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BandarHub84d ago

Although I would prefer a more robust Progression System, it does not stop the game from being fun.
But this is the problem with modern-day gaming, most titles need a progression system for that dopamine hit to show that you are progressing.
I wish there were other ways to reward players without the need for a level-up system. Play for the sake of fun nothing else

Yi-Long84d ago

While I agree with your statement that nowadays we often feel we ‘need’ some kind of reward for our efforts to feel good about playing (and it keeps us playing), it’s weird that I can easily still boot up games like Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 4 and absolutely just have fun by just playing the game.

kingnick84d ago

When games were fun progression systems were nice but not necessary.

Now we have by the numbers experiences in many games and developers add progression systems in the form of battle passes and other mechanics to draw players into hopefully spending more time playing and spending more money.

To their credit this is one area where Sony has been pretty fair compared to the plethora of predatory systems out there but how long will that last when crap like FIFA Ultimate teams generates more revenue then amazing games like Elden Ring.

Businesses have a responsibility to their shareholders and many developers and publishers are going to be under increasing pressure to follow the modern money making trends and ultimately ruin any goodwill they have with their playerbases.

gangsta_red84d ago

Season 3 is definitely looking like a very big step in the right direction.

But this is a double edge sword....on one hand it's great that we're in a phase where developers can fix a game and make it better well after release, but it's also a shame that a game can be released in such a state where the scrutiny is needed to make these changes.

All in all, hopefully 343 can turn the MP around because I definitely enjoyed it in the beginning.

kingnick84d ago

It's good they're continuing to improve the game but for many former Halo fans myself included, it's too little, too late.

Snookies1284d ago

I really hope so... The gameplay has always been there for Infinite. And I was a big supporter of it at launch. The lack of content absolutely decimated it though. All it needed was support, and it felt like it was just left out to dry. I uninstalled it a while back, but hope I can find a reason to give it a go again.

kingnick84d ago

There's no redeeming Halo Infinite. First impressions matter for live service games when the first impression was as poor as it has been for Halo Infinite. 343i have failed multiple times to reinvent or develop a game that appeals to fans of the classic series so I have little faith in them doing so now.

Halo Infinite was like going to a restaurant where you'd had good full-course meals in the past and being told you get a free entrée (multiplayer) but the complete full-course meal took hours to arrive and was mediocre as a complete package, I wouldn't go back and most wouldn't either.

343i need to go back to the drawing board, grow their internal team organically and not outsource wherever possible as that's partly what got them in this mess.

Giving Halo a break and releasing a more complete Halo game later in the console generation would be for the best IMO.