PlayStation And Other Publishers Should Take One Big Note From Capcom Right Now

Capcom has wasted no time promoting its upcoming slate of games, something that PlayStation and other publishers might want to take note of.

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MADGameR201d ago

It's imperative at this point that PlayStation buys CAPCOM and take Resident Evil to the next level.

wiz7191200d ago

Won’t happen Capcom isn’t up for sale …

hiawa23200d ago

Capcom really doesn't need to be bought by anyone. I don't think they are for sale. They just need to keep cranking out the great games for all to play like they have been doing going all the way back to the 8,16-bit, arcade days. Love what they have done with the RE Series, mixing in
remakes in off years and new games in other years. Keep getting their games in as many gamers hands as possible.

1nsomniac200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

What a difference the last few years makes. When everyone was calling out Capcom. Calling them the worst developer in the world, worse than EA. After all their ongoing hiding DLC’s on the discs and everything else they tried to do with paywalls etc.

Fair play to them, They’ve certainly turned it around. Almost as if it never happened it seems….

shinoff2183200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Could've said the same about bethesada

I'm still not a huge Capcom fan and the yesterday years were way better

TakeTori200d ago

Fuck no. Capcom games need to come out on PC day one.

Sonic1881200d ago

I don't know about Capcom but I do believe something is about to happen big soon. I can feel it and it's just a matter of time.

Tzuno200d ago

That would put Sony in a very strong position, it would be historical if it would happen

onisama200d ago

with capcom worth 6.7 billion which means they need to offer them 12 billions if not more as capcom is doing great, sony in the other hand have 10 billion total cash in hand with a growing debt of 1.3 trillion by 2023

i know fans want to brag about sony doing aquisition too like microsoft but they better focus on buying studios and create games and buying capcom wont do good to anyone

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Flakegriffin200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

I’m not too worried as PlayStation 98% of the time usually delivers. Also, didn’t Sony get tired of showing games that are 2-5 years out (Last of Us 2)?

Sure, as any other gamer, I would love the list of games coming but I rather it be done how Nintendo does it (first half of the year) than how Microsoft does it by showing us CGI trailers for games that won’t be out for 8 years.

There’s so many games to play currently and Sony doesn’t want to take the spotlight from FF XVI since that’ll be a huge seller on PS5. We don’t always need a full fledged list of games coming. Sometimes shadow drops are the best things (Metroid Prime Remaster & Hi-Fi Rush).

PS: Ubisoft can take ALLLLL the time in the world. Also, did they just not give us a full run down of what’s to come with Ass Creed? Let them focus on one thing at a time. When Ubisoft starts focusing on other projects that’s when we get games like xdefiant.

onisama200d ago

im only worried about there future live service game plans, only few of those games are good and stick with us, but honestly im not so optimistic about the rumored the last of us multiplayer or horizon muultiplayer

ApocalypseShadow200d ago

Love how it starts out with "PlayStation and other publishers..."

About as click bait as you can get. Could you have mentioned at least one more publisher in your heading? Picture of Ubisoft isn't enough.

Sony has changed strategy from mentioning games that are too far off. They only mention newer games when it's ready to talk about them. So as to not overshadow something else they are trying to sell. Right now, that would be PS VR 2. Real journalists would have seen this. Instead, it's bloggers and non business majors without any NEWS, just writing whatever comes into their heads.

Capcom is doing whatever for Capcom. If it works for them, great. Sony's pace in reveals is fine. Guess the writer missed the memo of increased console sales, in-house games selling tens of millions and breaking sales records last year. And launching an awesome VR headset to great reviews for the kit and the games.

Can we get some real articles? I'm not clicking on this one either.

Eonjay200d ago

I mean the are promoting FF 16 right now which they funded and is launching as a true exclusive. In other words they are promoting whats coming next. Spiderman 2 is next. I would expect a push for Stellar Blade and others to be forthcoming. Factions is also imminent. Add in the Burning Shores and PSVR 2 launch and they seem pretty stacked as for 2023.

Smellsforfree200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

Capcom games are up there as some of my favorites of all time from NES days to today.

derek200d ago

Generating hype for games that are 2 1/2 plus years out is a mistake especially when said game is ultimately delayed anyways. Think about how great it will be when we see Spiderman 2 in action for the 1st time knowing that the game will be out a few months later. Patience.

Anunnaki200d ago

I'm not much of a comic book fan but I think Wolverine looks even more interesting.

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