Konami Acknowledges Excitement and Enthusiasm for More Castlevania Amid Dead Cells DLC Launch

In a new interview with IGN, Konami and Evil Empire talk about the origins of Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania while acknowledging the continued enthusiasm for more Castlevania projects.

jznrpg86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Yes ! My wife only has only played 2D Castlevania games the last 20 years . She plays VR now also but won’t play anything flat except 2D Castlevania so hopefully they release something sooner than later .

sadraiden85d ago

Therefore, they'll be releasing a new Castlevania pachinko machine only in Japan, to satisfy the global desire for a new Castlevania platformer.

savedsynner85d ago

Konami is the worst IP publisher because not only do they not create/publish games with beloved IPs, they prevent others from doing so because they own the IPs.

It's like fine, you want to make gambling machines...license your IPs to good studios!!!!!