Why Marvel's Wolverine Should Avoid Using the Iconic Comic Suit

Wolverine's yellow suit is famous in the comics, but Marvel's Wolverine from Insomniac should steer clear of it when it takes on the character.

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-Foxtrot205d ago

Oh no no no

It’s a video game, let them have some good old fashioned comic book fun

I didn’t mind the new suit from Spiderman but I still put his classic suit on when playing

It’s a great chance to show it off in this game

At least have it as an unlockable

P_Bomb205d ago

Gotta have it as an unlockable!

blackblades204d ago

Trust me it will be a suit as will many other of his suits. Lets face it isomniac games RnC and Spiderman and even naughty dog uncharted went old school and gave had unlockable suits and filters. None of that dlc bull crap like DoA and others but in game unlocking. So like Spiderman expect to be delighted with unlockable suits.

Eonjay203d ago

Of course it will be unlockable but having him have it from the start wouldn't make unless somehow they introduce him into the X-Men as well as it's his X-Men suit. Then again, we could have Team X make an appearance.

CorndogBurglar203d ago


That isn't true at all. For one thing, Wolverine's yellow and black suit is his original appearance suit. He was wearing that long before he joined the X-Men. So that suit doesn't imply that he's an X-Man. Not at all.

Second, they don't need to show him joining the X-Men to have his suit. This could easily just be a solo game with Wolverine out on his own, away from the X-Men. Wolverine has had his own solo comics since the 80's. He was an X-Man at the time, but he's always had at least one solo series of him off doing things by himself. I'm more than positive there will be mentions of the X-Men in this game, even if none of them make an appearance. Hell, it could even be used to set up a universe for a future X-Men game.

NecrumOddBoy203d ago

“He's finally set to receive one in the future, as the Ratchet and Clank and InFamous developer Insomniac Games is looking to show its proficiency once again in Marvel's Wolverine.”

This author is a lazy moron if he thinks inFAMOUS is an Insomniac title.

zaanan203d ago

And the brown one too, that’s my favorite!

CrimsonWing69203d ago

There’s no way it won’t be an alternate costume and that’s ridiculous if people don’t want it in the game.

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GhostScholar204d ago

There needs to be unlockable suits like in Spider-Man. I want the yellow and blue and the yellow and brown for sure. Just please don’t have the terrible biker suit from the movies.

PhillyDillyDee203d ago

If spiderman is anything to go by, itll all make the cut.

adamwparker203d ago

As long as I can run around buck naked Weapon-X style, I'm all in.

GamingSinceForever204d ago

Whatever you say couch game developer.

hotnickles204d ago

The blue one does look kinda weird in 3D for some reason. 2D it looks fine but the dimension throws it off for me. The brown one looks good in 3D like the starting suit in midnight suns.

cooperdnizzle204d ago

Yeah I am gonna listen to someone who thinks Insomniac made the Infamous game. Haha. Wow how do these people have jobs.

“He's finally set to receive one in the future, as the Ratchet and Clank and InFamous developer Insomniac Games is looking to show its proficiency once again in Marvel's Wolverine”

That’s a direct quote from the article. SMH. The game should absolutely have the yellow suite.

Let’s fighting love! Lol

Crows90203d ago

Lol. This is just ridiculous. Didn't even check his information.

jambola203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Really shows how much time and effort went Into it

CrimsonWing69203d ago

Oh wow, they seriously said that!? I feel things like that should get your article automatically removed from this site.

jznrpg203d ago

Ouch. That’s pretty bad . Many of these journos aren’t gamers first and some I don’t believe are gamers at all they just got a job that happened involve gaming .

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